All that’s fit for a Thursday, Wednesday, Friday – Oh forget it! Random Tuesday Thoughts

Random Tuesday oh Random Tuesday! Where did you go? Oh yeah you’re HERE at the Un Mom. So link up and play along.


This post originally should have ‘aired’ two weeks ago. But due to this, that and the other I moved it so many times I can no longer remember the point. I’m busy playing hostess (and getting the trim on the house painted) so enjoy it anyway.


October 5, 2009 Merry Christmas! Love, Kohls


Old news but…Did anyone watch Flash Forward Thursday before Grey‘s? I have to say I never liked Lost but this new show…I really could see myself getting into it. I did miss the first 10-20 minutes putting the kids to bed (and we don’t have a dvr, wahh!). I love it though.

What shows new or old are you getting into this season? I’m sticking with House, Grey’s Anatomy and my absolute favorite Numb3rs.

LAMB Signature Small Shopper. Yes, please.

To prove that I’m not really that wimpy here is my neighborhood.

And this is the reason we often drive to the bus stop, especially in the morning.


If you were to look down from the mailboxes (just before the last turn to the bus stop) you look at the tops of the roofs on my street. The entire area where we live is all hills.

But there’s good news. wii Fit will be hiding under my Christmas tree this year. Maybe it’ll help me get my tush up that hill on a more frequent basis.

So I was hanging out over at CaJoh’s virtual place on Friday and he was talking about pumpkins. I mentioned Punkin Chunkin (see side bar for link to details) and he said if I went I should write it up for his Friday’s Feast meme. So…

It’s Punkin Chunkin in slower, lower Delaware. What is more fun than that?? Anyone in the MD, DE, PA, NJ area want to do a road trip Nov 7 with the BMA Crew to see some pumpkins being launched out of cannons in Southern Delaware? Be sure to email me if you do: bloggingmamaandrea @ {no spaces} It’ll be a Redneck good time.

Last week I was sitting watching tv in our sunroom. It’s a sunroom so it’s got a lot of windows, across one wall and a slider and above the slider one of those big arched windows that look really nice but are impossible to put curtains on. A gigantic bird flew into the arch window and it cracked. I’m thinking Crazy Landlady may not be quite so crazy afterall when she said this house was one thing after another.

I saw three people in the past two days making left turns out of different parking lots (at lights) and turn down the wrong side of the divided highway. I mean how hard is NOT to see the gigantic concrete barrier telling you which side to drive on?

For more Random see The Un Mom.

18 thoughts on “All that’s fit for a Thursday, Wednesday, Friday – Oh forget it! Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. If the windows in the sunroom cracked from a bird, would they resist to a hail? hope you'll get that fixed!Ooo and i bet driving to the bus stop every morning bright and early is quite annoying.. but on the other hand your neighborhood looks tide up!Happy Random!


  2. That's scary that you saw people going the wrong way. I'm trying to think of the new shows we picked up this year. Uhm, I think “The Good Wife” and “Modern Family”. They're both pretty great so far. You have some terrible house luck. Hope crazy landlady doesn't blame you guys!


  3. It's a little late for my comment now, but that's not my fault.Re: Flash Forward…ABC is repeating the previous night's episode on Fridays at 8pm right now to generate interest. Also, there's probably a means for you as a US resident to see it online ( or Hulu). I'd recommend seeing the first 20 minutes as it's a foundation.


  4. I'd be driving to the bus stop too! That's way to far to walk, my kids would always be missing the bus. Do you think your crazy landlady will fix the window or blame you guys somehow?


  5. Happy Tuesday!Weird that the bird would be flying hard enough <-okay that doesn't make sense to crack the window! We have birds fly into our family room windows all the time and it freaks me out. Sometimes it kills them.I don't blame you one bit for driving to the school bus. Walking would add 10 minutes to the whole process.


  6. I don't want to see Christmas decorations in October. It makes my bank account uncomfortable.I watched The Middle and Cougar Town last week and they were both better than I expected. I've put them on my DVR list.And I would SO drive to that bus stop. Ugh.


  7. Ever wonder who the crazy people are who have their christmas tree up for 4 months? That's me. I have a couple of pretty good reasons, not sure how valid they are to anyone besides me.


  8. omg, that Lamb bag is to die for. My sister made that exact left hand turn on a road trip last year right in front of a cop and then did a u-turn to correct herself. He must have been at the end of his shift because he didn't even stop her. Had I been driving, he would have.


  9. So far I'm totally digging FlashFoward (as is the husband which is always nice). I just hope it doesn't get too depressing.I can't believe how early they set up Christmas stuff. I was expecting it soon, but until after Halloween.Happy Random Tuesday!


  10. I've been watching “The Good Wife,” and wanted to watch Christian Slater in “the forgotten.” But they are on at the same time, so I think I'll go with “The Good Wife.”I just checked out what you're reading, and it looks like a great list! I'll need to print it before my next trip to the library!


  11. I'm LOVING Flash Forward! You can catch the episodes on – they're really good about posting them quickly and sometimes I actually prefer to watch them that way. :)If the bus stop was that kind of distance from our house, I'd be driving, too. Unless the weather was perfection, which really isn't all that often. :)Some people shouldn't be driving, should they? :)Happy RTT! 🙂


  12. Well – I love Lost – so I may be an easy sell for Fast Forward… You can watch all of those network shows online by the way. That's generally how I watch them since I can't always catch them at night and we don't have a DVR either.I live in the DC area and my beach is Rehoboth/Dewey and I've NEVER experienced Punkin Chunkin!


  13. Ever wonder who the crazy people are who have their christmas tree up for 4 months? That's me. I have a couple of pretty good reasons, not sure how valid they are to anyone besides me.


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