Ah the good old days…

Visit day three with the Parental Units brings us some lovely pictures. I’m sure my sister will kill me but…she’ll have to break into their house and snag some terrifying pictures of us herself.


I’m Little Orphan Annie and my sister is…a bum maybe?

If you will recall I did this once before too and those pictures are here: Embarrassing Photo’s

How will day four shake out is anyone’s guess.

21 thoughts on “Ah the good old days…

  1. Old photos are fun, but I suppose that depends on which sibling's posting them… my sister went on a spree posting all these old pics of me on her Facebook page. Not funny. And your pics are of the oh-look-at-those-cute-kids kind. You should see the crazy stuff on the blog Awkward Family Photos. Weird.


  2. Love the Annie costume…At least yours was a wig-I MADE my mom give me a perm and cut my hair like Annie, I know-What in the WORLD was I thinking??!!I can't show pictures from that whole year-it is blackmail worthy, for sure!


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