It’s late but It’s still Random Tuesday Thoughts

Hop on the tilt-a-whirl and get Random with the Un-Mom, Keely. She may not have elephant ears or the Ferris Wheel over at her site but she’s got Random and a whole lot of it.

Parental Units leave this afternoon for home. My kids are going be freaking out from lack of attention come 6:01 this evening. I mean I don’t totally ignore them or anything…I toss them food and water and stuff when I remember.

I finally went to the mall just down from my house this week Three times. I’m good for the year now.

We are almost finished Christmas shopping for the kids! Wahoo! I love it when there’s a theme type of gift and everything you buy has to do with it. Now I just hope they like it.

We had four deer this morning in our yard. It was a nice way to have breakfast. This as opposed to my sister who doesn’t have deer but moose. Not in her yard but on her dinner table. She ate it. Ick.

The most awesome wonderful fantastical thing happened this morning. But I can’t tell you about it yet. Don’t you love it when I do that?

We’ve been to Dairy Queen twice since my parents have been here. I’m not exactly thrilled that we discovered there’s one less than two miles from my house. Because now I’m going to want something. all. the. time.

Do you know the muffin man? Me neither.

The Phillies won the game last night and moved on to the next round of the playoffs. Yippee! It’s aboutt he ONLY time baseball holds any interest at all for me.

Give me hockey thanks. That’s a real sport.

That’s all that up my Random tree today. If you want to join in you should know by now what you need to do. Happy Trails.

Blogging Mama Andrea

8 thoughts on “It’s late but It’s still Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. The shopping? So much fun – I did a little for the kids last night. WOOHOO! The moose on the table? DOUBLE ICK. lol And last but not least, totally rude of you to hold out on us with all of your fun info. ;D Now I gotta run and go throw some food & juice and my dumplins. Catch ya on the flip side.


  2. Christmas shopping? Ugh! I haven't started yet. I do know we won't be serving moose for Christmas dinner. Way to hold out on us. So when are you gonna come clean and let us know the good news? We don't have any DQ's nearby but they show their ads on TV all the time. I would love to have one nearby!


  3. Girl! You better be spillin the secrets pronto! No fair making us hang like that. If you don't tell then I'm sending you moose meat for Christmas!!! I'm glad DQ is 30min away from me. I love the mudslide fudge blizzards. oh yum!


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