What the Hell Wednesday with Blue Monkey Butt

These two ladies are genuis. I mean really. Why didn’t I think of this idea? Go forth and check it out and then link it up people. It’s more fun than lots of other things.

On the way home from the airport yesterday at four o’clock there was this itty bitty Toyota weaving in and out of traffic like a manic. A manic maniac. A cop pulled up behind him and stayed with him for awhile then the Toyota exited and the cop let him go. WTH? He’s just going to get back on an wreak havoc on the freeway again!

Also on the way to the airport there’s this long one lane road I have to be on with the worst timed light in history. So traffic backs up for about three miles on a good day. Mr. Mercedes rode the butt of my minivan the entire way. I was pretty sure he was just checking me out though cause as soon as it turned into two lanes he waved! WTH?

So far in this rented house this is what’s happened (keep in mind I moved in August 3) – the master bathroom toilet broke, the smoke alarm in Chick’s bedroom keeps coming unhooked, the trim and front door had to be painted, the office window was leaking copious amounts of water, a bird flew into the sunroom window and cracked it and the driveway was seal coated on the hottest day of the year. WTH? I thought renting was supposed to be easier than owning.

We got an invitation from Nissan in the mail the other day that if we come in and test drive a car we get a $25 gift card to Target. Cycling Papa will need a car whenever he moves and he just happens to be considering the Altima coupe. WTH? We’ll take a gift card and say thanks!

Speaking of one car, Friday morning Cycling Papa has to go to NYC (Lucky lucky man, twice in one week) but his train leaves at 6:08 am. We have one car. Guess which family members all get to get up and take him tot he train? WTH? It’s only cool to be up that early if I was going with him.

For more WTH Wednesday go see the gals over at Blue Monkey Butt. They’re always good for a laugh.

11 thoughts on “What the Hell Wednesday with Blue Monkey Butt

  1. That cop should've pulled that guy over, WTH?Last time I got checked out while driving it was by some scary looking guy driving a semi. WTH?Sounds like the house you're renting is worse than owning. Plus you have that crazy landlady and all. Thanks for joining us for WTHW!


  2. I remember when we first moved into our basement apartment, our landlords decided to refinance and in so doing needed to get the apartment up to code, which included replacing all the ceilings in the apartment (drop) with drywall. We were out of our place for days, and the only compensation was a dinner out the night we were supposed to come home and they weren't ready yet. At one point, they had stacked our furniture one on top of another without drop cloths.Argh!


  3. Oh, I am liking this meme! I am always all WTH, only I have a really bad mouth and it's usually WTF? Which has to change, I know! ;)Happy Wednesday!PS- Sorry to hear about your house… really surprising since the pix you posted are so nice! Maybe it's better that you don't own it?


  4. I can't believe the cop let him go! I bet you were surprised when that jerk waved at you! I would of been! Sorry about your house, but have fun shopping at Target! Thanks for joining us crazy sisters over at Blue Monkey Butt!


  5. I hate when people do the weaving and then end up right next to me at the light. Oh, today, we were in the middle of a police chase when we were going to pick up the kids from school. It was like in the movies, cops everywhere and they would swerve and block off the intersections as more cops raced through them. Of course, I kept going since they were headed in the direction of my kid's school and I wasn't taking any chances.


  6. Take the $25 gift card and get that car because those early morning train runs are not cool!I can't believe that weaving car didn't get a ticket! People get pulled over for far less than that normally.


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