A Book Review and a Giveaway!

Recently I was asked by a representative of Simon & Schuster children’s books to do a review. Always up for a good book I agreed. Alienated is a fun entertaining book aimed at children 8-12 years old and is written by David O’Russell and Andrew Auseon.

When I first saw the cover it grabbed my attention immediately with the brightly colored tentacles clutching a red cell phone. Alienated is the story of two teenage boys, Vince and Gene who write a newsletter called The Globe. Not your ordinary newsletter they interview aliens or ails as they call them and publish exclusive articles on the otherworld that has taken up residence on earth. Laughed at by the other kids at school and commonly referred to as dorks, they nevertheless continue to publish the stories they feel the public need to hear.

Vince and Gene soon discover that guidance counselor Walter Sparrow at the rival junior high is actually the dreaded nephew of the evil alien Vargon. Between fighting over publishing a tell all about Walter, Gene kissing their best friend Lucy and sprouting tentacles out of his back things go about as horribly wrong as they can. From alien fights to space ships to broken friendships the book is nothing short of entertaining.

While intended for pre-teens I still enjoyed reading the far reaching imaginative story. The storyline is creative and the characters mishaps relatable and amusing. It’s a fun read and one that appeals to kids of all ages.

If you’d like to read an excerpt you can do so here: Alienated At Simon & Schuster you can also see the author’s video interview to give you an idea where the story came from and some insight into the aliens in this Author Revealed Video.

The best part is that I now get to give away ten of the advanced reader copies of Alienated. All you have to do is leave me a comment between now and midnight Wednesday October 21 telling me who you think would like this book. It could be for your own children, a niece or nephew or even for yourself. I will randomly select ten winners and announce them next Thursday.

Be sure to spread the word to win this great book!

14 thoughts on “A Book Review and a Giveaway!

  1. The target audience makes it best suited for my niece, who is 13. However the story is better suited for my nephew, who is 8.I think it might be a good option for him as a read-aloud story now, although his literacy has been improving by leaps and bounds lately, so who knows?Definitely sounds like a cool story. Heck, I might even read it.


  2. Dang, I could have used some of those recommends when my kids were asking or looking for something GOOD to read. I hate wasting time on a “not so good book”What is your FAVORITE book that you'd like ME to readI have time ya know—-here in the country, just me and the horses, and hubby, and horse crap


  3. Hm! Very interesting… My cousin is in this said target audience. I wonder if she would enjoy this book! I am not sure.. However looks interesting I will have to look into it. Christmas is coming!


  4. My middle daughter would love this book! Thanks for this great giveaway! I love your site & keep up the great work!Kewlbreez4(at)yahoo(dot)com


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