The innocent mind of a seven year old…or the not so innocent

The other day Cycling Papa went to meet Thor’s teacher (and as an aside the other day when we went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch – our waiter’s name was Thor. CP and I couldn’t even look at each other for fear of laughing out loud). So CP went to see Mrs. M. since they’d never met before. She told him the funniest story.

There’s this kid in the class that Thor doesn’t get along with. I mean really doesn’t get along with. It’s fair because this kid doesn’t like Thor either. Apparently the other day something happened at recess and when they came inside to class it escalated.
I’m afraid to say Thor took it to the next step.

He got up from his seat and walked around the class to this other boy’s seat and stood behind him and…

He gave him bunny ears.

Oh yes he did.

I think I laughed so hard when CP told me that I had tears streaming down my face. The fact that Thor actually acted on giving this kid bunny ears is what is hilarious. He is the type of seven year old that doesn’t actually do that sort of thing.

When CP put him on the bus the next day he told him:

“Now Thor, no bunny ears okay?”

giggle giggle


Now Chick on the other hand…oh yeah, she’s got bunny ears written all over her.

The teacher also told the little story of one of the first days of school where they were supposed to come in and sit down for a story. None of the kids except Thor wanted to sit close to her so she told them it was Wednesday and she only bites on Tuesdays.

Well, never tell a kid with a photographic memory something like that. On the next Tuesday he walked into class and whispered into the teachers ear:

“It’s your biting day Mrs. M.”

Is this kid priceless or what?

What do your kids do to make you giggle!? What do they do or say that makes you go “oh no!”? Go ahead, give someone bunny ears today!

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17 thoughts on “The innocent mind of a seven year old…or the not so innocent

  1. Oooo lord.. I don't even know where to start… both of my kids are F U N N Y… but the 15-20 year old kind of funny, not 5 or 10year old. Cute story.. I thought he was going to punch the other kid or something.. Bunny ears.. I only wish…


  2. Mrs. M sounds like a fun teacher! I can't remember any cute sayings from my own kids, (there are lots; my brain's just not working right now) but when I was teaching one of my students told me about the trip she took to Chicago to see the “Serious Tower.” I got a kick out of that one!


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