Caption this photo! & Book Giveaway Winners!

Let’s have a “Caption This Picture” contest. Tell me what you think should go with the picture below.


So let me hear it. What would you call this photo?

*Neither the child or bottle of Tylenol were harmed during this photo shoot.

Winners of the Alienated book giveaway are:
  1. MoziEsme
  2. Captain Dumbass
  3. Vic
  4. Sidni
  5. SciFi Dad
  6. BlueViolet
  7. CK lunchbox
  8. Elle (please send me an email – bloggingmamaandrea @ gmail {dot} com )
  9. Valerie
  10. Dolphin Girl

Thank you to everyone who entered! I’ll be contacting the winners via email this afternoon.

15 thoughts on “Caption this photo! & Book Giveaway Winners!

  1. I think it should say “he he he I've got mommy's medicine now!” lol too cute. And did I really see my name on the winner list? Woo hoo I won something I won something!


  2. I'm so excited because I think I'm the Elle you're looking for! I was so hoping I would win this book for my daughter. I bet she'll love it. Of course I forgot to put in my email address. elle@bluemonkeybutt.comThanks Andrea!Gotta go pick up my daughter. I'll be back to caption that adorable photo later.


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