Dear So and So: Google Reader Sucks

It’s time for another fun round of Dear So and So. I have absolutely no idea if our hostess with the mostess the lovely Kat at Three Bedroom Bungalow is playing the game today (seeing as the lucky girl is on vacation and has wicked jet lag) but I’ll throw something up anyway just because. So hang on and here we go.

Dear So and So...


Dear Google Reader,

You Suck. You think you don’t but you do. Remember when I switched cause THAT blogger (SciFi Dad) said it was so superior and easy to use? Well, you’re really not. I was trying to mark one post feed as read and you marked every effing feed as read.

Much love,
Girl Who Hates Google


Dear Critique Writer,

I sent you my work like the agency asked. Please don’t hate it. Please. After getting the go ahead and an agent and all that it would really, really suck if you tell me it sucked.

So please don’t.

Kind regards and I love your shoes,
ONe WOrried WriteR


Dear School Picture People,

Tuesday was picture day. I looked over your “reasonably priced” picture packages and I have to tell you – not so “reasonably priced”. I mean let’s just be honest for 2.5 seconds, $42 for the cheap package was a whole lot more than I was really willing to pay for some crappy pictures. It’s a good thing he had Swine Flu, sorry H1N1 and missed it then.

Lot’s of affection,
Reaped Over the Coals


Dear Chick,

When I said “Please keep the crayons and stickers at the little red table.” I actually wasn’t kidding about that. Finding you holding crayons in the sun room did not make mommy a happy mommy. Finding stickers on the hardwood floor? Even less so.

If you’d like to stop standing in the corner then remember these simple words: “Please keep the crayons and stickers at the little red table.”

Love you always,
Mean Mommy


Do you have something you want to get off your chest? Then visit Kat’s and link up to your very own Dear So and So letters. We all need a place to tell people what we really think.

To end in the TGIF mood Trick or Treat with this (available at Target, just so you know)


18 thoughts on “Dear So and So: Google Reader Sucks

  1. Dear Blogging Mama,If you clicked “mark all items as read”, whatever you have SELECTED TO VIEW (i.e. a tag or a specific subscription) is the “all”.Furthermore, how is JUST CLICKING a subscription and having all of it marked as read superior (as occurs in Bloglines)?Please don't claim that you clicking a button at the wrong time makes a web app “suck”.Hugs and Kisses,Google


  2. Dear Google Reader -You DO such, because every time I open you, it's a different page. I want consistentcy! When I click open, I want to see the same format EVERY DAY.You are turning me click crazy having to look for things.Email me when you don't suck,fairly new userYou are so right Andrea!!!! Have a great weekend!


  3. Really funny! (My first visit. Loved it.)Dear everyone with tats,Our country is art-deprived. Might you consider a little less body ink? You could put just a few of those bucks into visiting a museum, saving up for a small painting to put on your wall, or even art jewelry. In so doing, you would be supporting some very creative and talented people, and helping to teach our next generation how to view fine art.Besides the “artist artists,” some of these tattoo artists might be able to turn their skills to another sort of canvas as well.Just a thought, and no offense intended.Or, you could take your crayons and drop by Blogging Mama's little table. Stickers welcome, too. But not on her hardwood floor.


  4. OMG… for a minute there I thought that google had actually read your post and responded. I am SUCH a sucker! :)Do you use the reader that's in Blogger? It's not great but it doesn't mark posts either way.Happy Friday!


  5. Ya'll are so funny. I lurve my google reader. But sometimes I click something by mistake and my whole screen changes…and it takes much effort for me to figure out what I have done.Now your school picture issue…that I sooo agree with. Madalyn's pictures are horrid. And our cheap package was $38. And you have to pay in advance. I can't imagine having to pay almost $80 for sucky pictures if you have two kids in the school!


  6. School photos are so expensive and usualy they don't even turn out well…I guess it's just a tradition at this point.I'll keep my fingers crossed for you with the writing. I really hope you get helpful comments, not sucky ones.


  7. Google Reader has been having some issues lately, hasn't it? Sucky ones…Fingers crossed on your submitted writing…nice play on the shoe compliment! :)School Pictures sure aren't cheap! And they usually get Princess Nagger to make a funny face and NOT smile…yeah, not so much value that 'value package'. Sears does much better. ;)So I see that Chick has the same mindset that Princess Nagger has about crayons and stickers. I feel your pain.:)


  8. Oh I so need to do this! I loved this post. And let me just say. Chick & my dumplins would be in sticker Heaven. Let me just say that the foamy stickers have some magic adhesive on them that permanently stick to hardwood floors. I'm still scraping residue from our Halloween craft session. ;D


  9. Haven't given up on Google Reader yet but I actually have this weird issue, I've unsubscribed from feeds and after a week or two they will all show up again. It's annoying. The ghosts of feeds past.


  10. Oh, I marked all as read in my reader once and was so pissed. I went back through every single person to make sure I didn't miss anything. Other than that, I LOVE google reader.


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