Random Tuesday Thoughts: Give me the Fugly or give me death

Happy RTT! What’s RTT you say? Why that would be Random Tuesday Thoughts! Go see the fearless inventor of RTT, Keely at the Un Mom. If you don’t get Random then you don’t get Me.

The Un Mom

Recently I came across this article in which they describe torture music used at Guantanamo Bay. That just makes me laugh. Favorites were NIN, Marylin Manson and the Barney theme song. I could add my own list and it would include Thor’s Cheez-It’s song and the imitation of his grandmother’s doorbell. And Handy Manny anything. Any of these will make me confess to whatever you want.

FYI don’t search ‘torture device’ in Yahoo. There’s some seriously messed up stuff that comes up.

World Series (starts Wednesday) Yankees vs Phillies. Game on NYC. Game on.


Did you know ladybugs suck the joy right out of fall? In the last week it’s been like the Great Ladybug Convention of 2009 inside my house. Good thing I have a swiffer and I’m not afraid to use it.

Have you ever had the most awesome idea for blog post and then surf around and realize someone else already posted your awesome idea? It really sucks.

This just in – Stacy, The Random Cool Chick wants to meet up when she comes to Philly mid November. Ya! I’m up for it and I’ll even drag my kids along! That should be good for a blog post or two.

I was invited to a ladies neighborhood party on Friday. You know the ones, where the neighbors sell things like tupperware or baskets? This time it was organic health food and beauty products. I’m not good at these kind of things. I really don’t want to buy anything but the guilt factor takes over. (I’ve written about this before.) So I end up with 4 bottles of grapeseed oil, 3 boxes of organic oatmeal cookie mix and 2 bottles of zoom-zoom red nail polish all of which will be stuffed to the back of the cupboard behind the preservative laden box dinners and the dye filled fruit snacks. Your total will be $138.56 please. But neighbor relations are important to the suburban culture (so I hear.)

I shouldn’t whine. Everyone was very nice. Somehow I ended up spending the evening talking to the two pregnant moms and I had very little to say. I’m not sure they wanted to hear about my emergency surgery after Thor’s birth, the fact that I threw up for nine months straight or that I lost all the baby weight within two weeks. I played the wallflower card and pretended not to speak english.

When you eat salsa and chips and you run out of chips but you still have a lot of salsa leftover in the bowl, what is the correct thing to do? Eat just the salsa or get more chips? But then what if you take too many chips and then have no salsa. Do you just get more salsa? See this could be a never ending cycle.

H1N1 revisiteth? I sincerely hope not. That means no fever Thor you hear? And no ralphing chunks either.

Have you ever been inside a Toyota Prius? The techy stuff is really cool and all but it looks like it’s ten feet long when you’re trying to see out the front window. CP was considering this car for when he moves but I think we are crossing it off the list. Now if I can just convince him to get that Jetta…and trade me for the minivan…all my evil effort will have paid off.

Chick woke up at 6:30 on Sunday morning. I made her lay with me until 7 (where she sang to me and played with my hair while I tried to sleep) then I slapped her in front of Mickey Mouse with a sippy of water and some cereal and went back to bed. I jolted awake about 8:40. Oops. No fear. I had a headache the rest of the day from getting a lot more sleep than normal. So that bad mother/tv thing always bites you in the end.

Two weeks till Punkin Chunkin people – two weeks! I’m not sure if it’s just on local Comcast on Demand but if you go into On Demand, select History and Nature tv shows and the Science Channel there’s Punkin Chunkin shows. Awesome. I can’t wait. I hope my neighbor and her kids are really prepared for what we’ve invited them to. My favorite line from the show? The Chunkin machines were described as ‘the finest in Redneck engineering’ by one of the contestants. Love it.

Do you have a Random affliction? Know someone who does? Then send them over to Keely’s place. It’s better than therapy and way cheaper too. That’s www.theunmom.com

23 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Give me the Fugly or give me death

  1. I so hate lady bugs.. as cute as they might look to some.. they just scare me to death for a weird reason.. and speaking of which, one visited us just yesterday.. i screamed my lungs out:PAnd the salsa/chips adventure.. been there… done that:)Happy Random!*mine's up too if you have time:)


  2. I can see the Barney Theme song as torture music… :)We had a ladybug invasion this weekend, too – Mother Nature fooled them into thinking it was spring. My aunt says they bring you good luck…I'm still waiting for that 'good luck' to actually happen… ;)PSYCHED about meeting up with you and your kids in Philly! PN can't stop talking about it…she was thrilled there might be other kids to play with there, too! 🙂 I foresee some excellent blog posts coming out of it for sure!I get sucked into the vortex of those parties, too…and you can't not buy something. So I have a bunch of unnecessary stuff stashed, too… :)That whole salsa and chip thing could be a never ending cycle for sure!Hope it's not H1N1 Part 2 for you…hope everyone feels better!I'll be looking forward to the punkin chunkin post you'll be doing after the event! 🙂


  3. How does your love for NYC feel about you rooting for the Phillies? 😉 (Guess who I am rooting for! Hee hee!)And the chips and salsa thing? A total conspiracy. Not sure who to blame it on… an entire country seems a little extreme. (LOVE me some yummy Mex and Margs!)Happy RTT!


  4. The last time I got invited to one of those parties I brought along a friend. She proceeded to turn into a crazy person and totally freaked out in front of everyone. I haven't been invited to another one since. You could always give that a try.I say go Phillies but it's because I'm a Red Sox fan and hate the Yankees. The other day we posted a little award for you on our site.Happy RTT


  5. Grapeseed oil makes a great Christmas gift. 😉 Sometimes when the guilt kicks in (I've been pretty good about ignoring it though) I'll buy just the cheapest thing I can find. Barney song IS total torture!


  6. I completely forgot what I was going to say! Oh yes, Mickey Mouse. Don't feel bad, I have plopped my son in front of it so many times that he now says “oh tooodles!”I went to our pumpkin launch where one of the contestants is participating in the pumpkin chunkin' competition. They had an awesome little contraption.


  7. How fun to meet Stacy!!! You kinda make me want to search for torture device just to see what messed up is, but I'm gonna fight the urge and take your advice.When ladybugs pick a house to invade, they're not kidding about it!The blog post idea thing…all the time! Do it anyway!


  8. I don't know that there are too many songs that would drive me to confession. Although having to watch some of the Disney channel sitcoms might do it. Zack and Cody, ugh.I have to say, it's not a party if you're expected to buy stuff at the end. Although, not a bad strategy, maybe I should charge for the chips and salsa next time. Bloggy meetups are fun, can't wait to hear about it. H1N1, not so much, I'm having enough anxiety about it as it is. Happy RTT!


  9. I suppose it depends on the party. I usually like them – but organic foods and makeup are not my thing. And then chatting with the neighbors. Hmmm. I had an easy pregnancy and delivery. I usually just say that I shoulda been a surrogate. That tends to turn the conversation into a whole other direction.Have fun with your bloggy meet up!


  10. I'm pretty jealous that you can stick Chick in front of the TV and get more sleep. My kids will NOT sit still for TV, they're instantly on and breaking stuff from the second their eyes open. Which has been 5:30 for Graham for the past month. Shoot me. I never go to those parties, I hate people pushing stuff on me to buy. You're a better person than me. 😉


  11. I'd have to add The Chicken Dance to that list of songs…I've never actually looked around to see if someone else has already capitalized on my blog post idea. I probably won't start, either – I'd just rather not know and take my chances that I might at least say something SLIGHTLY different.My across-the-board policy on those parties is “thank you, but no.” I just hate the pressure of having to buy something I really don't need or want. That being said, we just moved from Maryland to Maine and we have no friends, so if I get invited to one in the near future I can't promise I'll stick to my principles. 🙂


  12. I completely forgot what I was going to say! Oh yes, Mickey Mouse. Don't feel bad, I have plopped my son in front of it so many times that he now says “oh tooodles!”I went to our pumpkin launch where one of the contestants is participating in the pumpkin chunkin' competition. They had an awesome little contraption.


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