Random Tuesday Thoughts : Punkin Chunkin Edition

First and Foremost It’s Random Tuesday. Did you all hear me? I said:

It’s Random Tuesday today!

I feel better sometimes when I just yell that out there. If I still have to explain that you need to go here:

The Un Mom

then you need more help than I can possible give you. Fugly is the new black (I’m pretty sure someone already said that).

Ah yes, I promised you Punkin Chunkin details today. I hardly know where to start. So I’ll start at the beginning of the journey. Actually let’s start at 3.4 miles away from the destination because going those 3.4 miles took half as long as the 2 hour drive drive. For the time period from 11:44 am to 12:35 pm we were sitting in bumper to bumper, stop and barely go traffic. Apparently parking those Redneck Trailers takes a loooong time.

Did you know when you direct thousands of cars into one lane and route them a winding way around a large freakin square it really does make traffic worse? I do. I am hoping that next year they will get their rears in gear and do something about it. 24 years apparently hasn’t been enough time for them to figure it out.

There were lots of trucks in the ‘parking lot’ (aka a giant corn field). And when I say trucks I mean BIG trucks. Surprisingly finding the car at the end of the day wasn’t that hard. Mini-vans are apparently very passe in Redneck land. It worked out well for us though.

I would love to share some awesome video with you of the event. If you have any awesome video be sure to let me know. No matter what I aimed the camera at I’ll be darned if I actually picked the right machine (weapon springs to mind but I think that’s the wrong term). The video I have is good if you like looking at the blankness before anything happened. Naturally as soon as I stopped filming they launched the punkins*.

We ate hotdogs, fries and dutch apples and we saw the trophy the World Champion gets to take home. It weighs something in the neighborhood of 400 pounds and stands 5 feet tall and looks like this:
My neighbor I drug to this event asked me what on earth would they do with that? I gave her the shifty eye and said “Put in on the front lawn….where else?” Where are you from, Jersey?

That is the correct answer right?

While walking through crowd we came across Mrs. Punkin Something Or Other. She looked fantastic with the Tiara and the Flannel Shirt. Nothing says glamour like Redneck Glamour.

I shouldn’t make fun. Poor Baby Thor was born in Delaware. The kid is going to have to live that down for the rest of his life.
The kids – all four of them; Thor, Chick, T (7) and L (5) – were wound up like a bunch of banjos all day but they hung in there considering we subjected them to:
a) five hours in the car
b) Redneck Culture
c) peeing on the side of the highway

That last one may or may not have happened…I’m simply not going to tell.

If you ever mosey on down to Delaware the beginning of November you should attend Punkin Chunkin. It’s fun. It’s cultural. And darn if it isn’t a blast watching punkins being shot out of air cannons at 900 miles an hour.

Oh yeah! I said I’d give something away.


So here’s what you need to do if you would like to win this official Redneck Punkin Chunkin World Championship T-Shirt. Leave me a comment and tell me why you want to win it. If you want a second entry name one of the following:
1. Name the county where the event is held.
2. Name the world record holder (for distance) in Punkin Chunkin.
I might give you an extra entry (which would be three) if you can name both.
Contest ends Friday at 11:59 PM eastern time. Winner will be announced on Monday. Good luck!
Have you had your thoughts Randomized today? Head over to the UnMom to find out just how easy it is.
*for reference punkins are pumpkins. Get with Redneck speak alright?

21 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts : Punkin Chunkin Edition

  1. I've seen this many times on TV. It must be a whole lot better live.This is just the kind of thing that makes my Friday's Feast fun. Can I link you up for this Friday. Let me know.Happy Randomness to you!


  2. Firstly – no one wants the shirt? Seriously? I've got one in red, wore it proudly yesterday and everything.For the record lest I offend someone, redneck things are fun. Redneck is a joke word alrighty? Just so you know.


  3. OMGosh, I am laughing so hard! I would have liked to see that whole event for about….5 seconds and then I would have gone crazy…..kind of like I do at WalMart!So glad you gave us the details though so we could be kind of happy we missed it.


  4. I NEED that shirt.Ok, first, Sussex County. Second? Er… I couldn't actually find anything on a world record holder, but I know Old Glory won the Adult Air Cannons with a distance of 4224 feet.I think all future wars should be fought in this way, just shooting vegetables at each other.


  5. That sounds crazy, particularly the part where you're trapped in the car for x amount of hours times y amount of kids which equals z amount of sanity that you probably sacrificed to be at this event. 900 mile an hour flying pumpkins does sound pretty rad though…nobody says “rad” anymore, do they?


  6. First of all, I'm so sorry that your child was born in DE. So sorry.I wanna win that darn shirt because I attended Punkin Chunkin a few years ago. I had no money left to buy a souvenir and when I tell people about punkin chunkin, they don't believe me.I really do NEED this shirt, thank you:)


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