Random Tuesday Thoughts

It’s Tuesday. TGIT! Not TGIF. TGIT. Cause Thank God it IS Tuesday. I will hence forth spew my random and get on with the day. I still can’t make Fugly hook up to Keely’s place and frankly I give the heck up. So just go HERE.

Do you ever have this idea that something is a really brilliant idea but after you do it you start to have second thoughts? For reference two cups of coffee and cake seemed like an awesome breakfast but now I feel like I’m floating on a very weird sugar caffiene high and I would really, really like to get off now. Please.

Hey, the font’s all red. Eh, I’ll keep it for today I guess.

We went to the Natural Science Museum with Stacey and Princess Nagger on Sunday in Philly. That was so much fun. I mean REALLY fun. I was worried when we arrived though cause Chick took one look at the gigantic T-Rex and burst into tears. I thought shit this is going to be a long day.

Side effect of caffiene & sugar – I tend to use language my mom wouldn’t like. I would blame my spelling issues on it too but we all know I simply can’t spell.

I have this gaelic language course. It’s a cd and a book that I’ve had forever (okay since last year). I really really wanted to learn how to speak gaelic seeing as I have Scottish ancestery but have you ever seen how many letters are in the language? 18. 18 letters but with many many more sounds depending where the 5 vowels are in the word. The words are not spelled the way they are pronounced. Talk about HARD. I think I’d rather learn Chinese.

I do love listening to the cd though. I can’t pronounce a single thing they tell me to repeat but A for effort right?

I joined this mix cd club my sil told me about on Facebook. I mailed off my cd about one day after I joined. I hope I get one back. Nothing ticks me off more than exchanging with someone and having them not understand the meaning of ‘exchange’.

I’m excited for Christmas. It’s very strange because normally it’s the one holiday I really do not enjoy. I hate traveling on the day. All I want is to stay home and sit in my pj’s and drink hot cider and interact with the remote. Is this normal or is everyone else a Merry Elf on this day?

Antenna topper

The upstairs toilet is broken, again. This will be the fourth time I think? I guess broken may not be the right word, more clogged (or something). I know you think it’s Thor’s fault since it’s his bathroom but it’s really just this house. The child has managed not to ruin any other toilet in his 7 years of life and yet this one in the House From Hell refuses to function properly. No, I have not called Crazy Landlady. That is a fate worse than death. We simply keep the door shut and he has to come downstairs when he needs to use the bathroom. Life is much simplier this way.


Or if you prefer go to Taiwan and eat at Modern Toilet Restaurants. Everything is served in mini-toilet bowls. No joke. Want a drink? That comes in a mini-urinal.


Have you entered my giveaway of the Family Matters app for the iPhone? You should and you can do so by clicking this link.

Do you listen to Michael Buble? OMG, I was listening to some of his stuff while trying to fix my column for The Motherhood Muse (coming in January!!) and all I wanted to do was climb into bed and cry. Seriously. Awesome voice but very depressing stuff. Just try listening to You Don’t Know Me and see if you can keep it together.

Do you collect shopping bags? Not Target bags or something I mean nice shopping bags with handles and a unique design. From a fancy shop or interesting place…

Never mind. Obviously it’s just me.

I’m feeling sick, I think I better turn up the music and go to bed. You all have a Happy RTT and go see Keely. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to my Tuesdays.

22 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Stacy told me you were really nice! I'm glad you met! Gaelic sounds incredibly interesting. I'd like to hear it too.I hear you with the exchange concerns. I've been burned. Now I just avoid them.


  2. For Robin cause you asked :)I included the following (theme was music you'd take to a deserted island) -Muse, The Black Ghosts, Ben Harper, Coldplay, Erin McCarley, Bon Iver, Linkin Park, Regina Spektor, Mat Kearney, Sara Barielles, Sufjan Stevens


  3. That restaurant will never be on any of my “Things to do before I die” lists. Gross!So you met Stacy! Is she really as cool and random as she says she is??? Sounds like you guys had a good time except for the whole bursting into tears over the dinosaur.We do stay home on Christmas day since everyone is 400 miles away. We stay in our jammies and relax and play with our new stuff. It's fun!


  4. I need Keely to be the best thing that happened to me on tuesdays! You seem to be doing well! Well except for the toilet and the crazy land lady! :)I love your random thoughts…oh! And I am also from a Scottish heritage! No Gaelic for me though.Miss ya girl! πŸ™‚


  5. Hey maybe Thor is getting “to that age.” Yeah – I have one son who frequently clogs toilets. TMI?I would like to eat at the toilet restaurant but I don't want my food served in a toilet.Anyway – I love your breakfast!!!! I'm off to enjoy some mint brownies, molasses cookies and an ice cold coke!


  6. That's what I'm missing with my 2 cups of coffee…the cake! Though the caffeine high is probably enough for me today, the added sugar high just might make me run into something… ;)Chick was so adorable on Sunday! I'm glad she got over her initial fear of that gigantic T-Rex… It was so FUN to meet you and the kids – Princess Nagger wants me to hurry up and set up a play date soon… :)Oooh! Gaelic is such a melodious language – I've often thought about learning another language but seem to have trouble retaining the proper pronunciation or sounds…my luck I might say something offensive and not even know it. ;)Relaxing in your pj's drinking cider and interacting with the remote is always the best Christmas… ;)That toilet restaurant is kinda scary looking – I wouldn't mind going there, but wouldn't want my food served in mini toilets or urinals…ewwwww! :)Happy RTT! πŸ™‚


  7. Gaelic language course? I didn't even know they had those! My buddy was in Ireland once and heard some people talking at the bar. He tapped them on the shoulder and asked what language they were speaking. “English!” With a heavy accent.


  8. My son would love looking at the giant T-Rex, we'll have to venture up there some day. Of course cake and coffee are a good idea. Always. ALWAYS.My son once flushed a pair of his boxers down our toilet. That was an interesting period in our house, not knowing when the toilet would overflow. I'd kill for one of those that can flush an entire bag of dog food. Seriously.Christmas. Ugh.


  9. Busy post.2 cups of coffee and cake sounds like a GREAT breakfast. too much sugar tends to give me a headacheMuseums are fun.I say shit sometimes too –seeI love Gaelic music.Christmas is sometimes overrated and makes me cry more then makes me happysorry about the toiletand yes, I keep my “nice” shopping bags. They are just too cute to throw away.


  10. Howdy stranger! Blog's looking good! Nice random thoughts. You spurred me to do a random post as well, πŸ˜‰ Ha- been so there with the 'brilliant ideas'. Hope your 'high' is approaching ground level soon!


  11. Oh I'm jealous you got to meet Stacy AND Princess Nagger. You're lucky. That toliet restaurant is just weird, how do you even know about that? That's pretty random! We stay home on Christmas, we just make everyone come to us!


  12. PointsGaelic? go to the Island, yep, head north and you'll hear it. For Spelling rely heavily on H!Toilet Restaurant? up here restaurant that serves food in a kitchen sink, yep everything but the Kitchen sink?? but you do get hte sink. YAY! for the birthday party weekend, And I had cake and LOTS of Tea for Breakfast. oh and the shopping bags? it's not a collection when you buy more to keep from paying for the plastic ones, it's call “I forgot my bags” :)Happy RTT!


  13. After reading all the Gaelic in the Outlander books, I'd love to learn it too. But…I agree…I don't get at all the pronunciations! That is one of the things I like about teaching Latin. If the letter is there, it's meant to be pronounced. There are no silent letters. There are not homophones. It's simple. And logical.


  14. After reading all the Gaelic in the Outlander books, I'd love to learn it too. But…I agree…I don't get at all the pronunciations! That is one of the things I like about teaching Latin. If the letter is there, it's meant to be pronounced. There are no silent letters. There are not homophones. It's simple. And logical.


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