Is it just me?

Or has Blogger truly gone insane this time? There are lots of things I want to know if you are all experiencing.

  • Can you not leave a comment on a blog? I haven’t been able to comment at Clark Kent’s Lunchbox in forever and he just did this Twilight for dads post and GEESH I could have had a lot to say…if only I could comment. I also can’t comment at other blogs like Divinely Written and a couple more. What is up blogger??
  • Completely inappropriate spacing of paragraphs. It either jams everything together or makes them miles apart. I’ve tried writing on the edit html side, I’ve tried writing in word. Nada. Keeps doing the same thing.
  • I’m getting spammed out the wazoo by Work At Home In India and Viagra. Both of these and I’m set for life I tell you, hence why all comments are now moderated and thus annoying the crap out of me to have to constantly approve them. (But keep leaving comments okay cause I really like them). It’s a “it’s not you it’s blogger” kind of thing.
  • Some blogs have had everything shifting left or right (American in Norway had an epic episode this week). What is up with that? (BTW cute new design!)

So is all that up there just something I’m being lucky enough to deal with or is it happening to you too? I’d consider moving to wordpress but (shudder) I don’t like them. At. All. It’s one of those been there and done that and I’m never doing it again. Maybe it’s because I became used to blogger and the way it worked and I simply couldn’t convert myself to wordpress.

Who knows? Anyone have any suggestions? I think the one that annoys me the most is not being able to leave comments on a blog. How are they going to know I was there and I like them if I can’t tell them?


21 thoughts on “Is it just me?

  1. 1. I could comment on the Twilight post, so it's not Blogger, it's YOU.2. Paragraph spacing is a function of both HTML and browser. My personal preference (because it always works for me) is to compose in flat text (not Word or the WYSIWYG) and paste into the HTML side of the blogger compose window. All I have to do is leave a blank line (double carriage return) at the end of every paragraph and I'm good. In fact, composing in Word and copy/paste usually makes things worse. I won't waste my time debating browsers with you.3. I've seen a small upswing in spam, always on one or two REALLY old posts, so I just disabled comments on them.4. The “epic shifting”? Unless you mean (looking at the blog you referenced) full-width instead of fixed-width (see my blog for the contrast), I can't help you. If it is a width question, that's an HTML thing; they just don't have a wrapper div around the whole page.I'd move to WP, but they want me to pay to customize, and I hate their crappy canned templates.


  2. CK – I know you aren't. I just can't figure out why I can't comment. The comments button doesn't even show up. If there are other comments sometimes I can get it to let me in but not always. Anyway I left my comment over that the first dad you lined so you can read it there if you like :)SciFi – Yeah, I know Firefox and yes it is better HOWEVER every time I use it on my laptop I get the blue screen of death. Considering the machine is only 5 months old I'd rather suffer through IE than have to buy a new computer.


  3. Ah, the quirks of blogger. I have seen two blogs with that whole shift thing that Tressa was dealing with. I have had emails saying that my blog won't load. I have tried switching browsers. And that whole spacing issue. I don't get it. Or when I load in pictures. Or why some of my post looks double spaced and other parts look single spaced. I thought quirk was a polite way to express my unmentionable thoughts!


  4. Love live WordPress! My dadshouseblog is wordpress powered, and I love it. Hot Dads, where I post every now and then, is blogger, and I hate it! (blogger, not hot dads) Typepad is decent (I use that for silicon valley moms blog). But WordPress rocks!!!!!!!Hope your woes go away soon.


  5. Blogger has been quirky lately – I've had some issues, too.In addition to that, Blogger and IE do not get along, and it's been a 'known issue' at blogger forever with no resolution to those issues seemingly being addressed. The blue screen of death shouldn't be caused by Firefox – it's from the notorious and constant Windows Updates. I used to get them all the time – until I figured out how to turn those darn automatic updates off (it's 'on' by default). The updates that were happening willy nilly by Microsoft were for stuff I didn't even have loaded on my computer – they just do a universal update and it's very irritating. Seems to be an issue on computers running Vista (which my laptop is). Once I restored my computer to an earlier date and turned the updates off, I've not had a blue screen of death since…knock wood! 🙂


  6. We use self-hosted WordPress so we don't have those Blogger problems. Not that we don't have problems. From reading other blogs you're not the only one. Not that it helps. Hope it gets straightened out soon.


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