Raise your hand if…

Let’s start the post with a list (that will actually have zero to do with the post)
Raise your hand if…
  • You’ve had enough turkey for a lifetime
  • You drank away the day in order to escape your own/spouses/other people’s crazy family
  • You realize there isn’t crap on tv Thanksgiving night

Just a little post holiday poll.


Photo credit: OceanRudy

I am trying to write this great story. It’s different from my usual in that there isn’t a backstory involving romance whatsoever. The story is about a man who flees him home (and 100 year old heritage) in order to be his own person. He is then forced to return to his former home because of his father’s ailing health and inability to run the family business. His motivation in returning is to earn his father’s acceptance. Still with me?

Here’s where I need your help.

When I write I have to have music. I can not for the life of me find the right music for this story. My whole game is being thrown off. Let me tell you the setting for this story. Hopefully one of you can suggest something to help me..

Sonoma County, California. A mid-size, successful family owned winery along the Russian River. This is a little story about what happens when one person wants independence and one person wants roots. It’s also about realizing what you actually want is already within your reach. You just have to reach out and take it. (I’ve been having a lot of fun doing research for this book. You know, reading wine books and doing some sampling. Okay given that it’s the holidays and Cycling Papa is in town for this week – lots of sampling. So far my favoritism leans towards a nice Turning Leaf Pinot Noir.)

Now if I just had music to go with that.

I’ve been through the usual suspects. Coldplay. Muse. Dave Matthews. Nothing is striking the right cord (that pun was actually not intended). I can’t seem to settle on something that’s perfect but maybe you know of something that would work.

So. Let me hear it. Literally.

The list thus far:


7 thoughts on “Raise your hand if…

  1. Totally on board with the crap TV last night.(You KNEW you could count on me for music suggestions, right? And you knew it wouldn't be Coldplay, right?)For the portion when he's leaving and/or before he returns:”Home” by Three Days Grace”Never Again” by Kelly ClarksonUpon returning: “Desperately Wanting” by Better Than Ezra”Familiar” by Incubus and DJ GreyboyOther titles that may fit:”Good Enough” by Evanescence”Somewhere I Belong” by Linkin ParkAll titles available for review on my imeem account, and in mp3 format by request.


  2. Gosh, I don't think I can come up with a good song for you except maybe 99 bottles of wine on the wall.will that help??sounds like it will be a good story though.


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