The Tail of A Dog

*This post was written before recent events on other bloggers sites. After some thought, I’ve choosen to publish it anyway.

My kids want a dog. Badly. But given that the reality is that our landlady asked if my Kids would destroy her house, can you imagine her response to a Dog?

I think a dog – eventually – would be great for the kids. And I admit, me too. We had a daschund growing up named Daisy and she was the greatest dog. She was a little dog though.

Thor wants a dog like Copper. A friends dog, a dog we haven’t seen in almost three years. Yet, he remembers. Copper is a Hungarian Viszla and is beautiful dog. They have loads of energy and are the sort of dog that probably has to be walked. A lot.


I’m not a dog walking kind of gal, at least I don’t want to always have to walk a dog. When it’s cold outside I want to open a door and let the dog into the fenced yard. And that’s it. A bigger dog does appeal to me though because it would be fun to have a dog to play with. A larger dog is also good if CP has to travel overnights. There is that sense of someone else being in the house with me and the kids.

The other problem is Cycling Papa is allergic to different types of dogs. We know because we had to give back two dogs (prekids) that he had reactions to within an hour of bringing them home. The first was a yellow lab and the second was a golden retreiver. So the long hair – short hair argument is kind of moot.

Thor keeps asking for a dog though. Chick thinks dogs are like food – she can’t live without either one.

vizla 2

You go ahead and resist that cuteness!

Do you have a dog? What types are good for allergies? And who gets stuck with the dog chores, you or your kids?

I stole the pictures from the internet. No, I don’t remember where.

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19 thoughts on “The Tail of A Dog

  1. We like the idea of having a family dog, but the combination of walks (like you mention) and the “mess” (including the smell of dog) tells us we're not “dog people”.My SIL and her BF have a Viszla, and yes it is amazing with kids (when trained) but does need a LOT of exercise. They actually have a dog walker to take him out during the day while they are at work so he doesn't freak out in the house alone all day.


  2. I must be living in a bubble because I'm clueless about your first sentence.We have 2 dogs, almost all the dog jobs are mine, but I wanted them. One is a St. Bernard mix and the other is a Chow/Lab mix. Both big dogs and way too furry for your husband! They are both good dogs, great with the kids. We have friends that have a Goldendoodle and she's a sweetheart, barely sheds and may be okay for allergies.


  3. I loved Daisy! She was so cute! A dog is on Mackenzie's wish list. She wants a little dog that she can cuddle with and can sleep in her bed. I'm not really a inside doggy person. We've had two labs since we've been married. We've talked about getting another one since our much loved one passed away a few years ago. Maybe we'll get one someday.


  4. My son asked for a dog for years, but his mom and I are divorced, and I'd be stuck caring for the dog 24×7. That would tie me to an otherwise empty house when my ex has custody. I just couldn't do it. I had a dog when I was a kid, though. Dogs can be a lot of fun!!!


  5. We have two, what I would consider big, dogs. One is a black lab mix and the other is a…mix, mix. They're both shelter dogs and we've had them for about six years. We got the dogs for the kids. The kids feed them, but that's about as far as the interaction goes aside from them telling the dogs to move out of the way. My husband is gone though, every third day, and I can tell you honestly I am glad to have them around, if there's anything out of the ordinary I know they will bark, so it helps me feel a little safer when I'm by myself.I used to walk them when we lived in the townhouse and I hated every minute of it. Now we have a yard and we just let them run loose. They're pretty low maintenance except for the scads of dog hair they shed. Which I have to clean. Not the kids.I hear poodles are good for people with allergies. I could be wrong.


  6. We love that we have two dogs – they were our practice children. And while they get a lot less attention now, they are still part of the family. BUT we will probably not have more dogs after them. We like to travel and it is always a huge expense to have them cared for when we are away. Man, does this sound bad? LOL Maybe it will be better once the kids can help care for them, until then they are my 4th & 5th children. πŸ˜€ I'm a dog person, really I am!


  7. I am definitely a dog person! I'm not even a people person! I hate the smell, the mess, the chewing, the being tied down, the having to worry about pet care when you go out of town. It's almost like having another child.I like pictures of dogs or stuffed dogs though.


  8. We have never had dogs…just evil kitties. I know there is such a thing as cat that produces no dander. As for dogs…I am not sure. I know that poodles don't shed. And most terriers don't either.And what is going on that I missed that warranted your first sentence??


  9. Well that is a gorgeous dog and I'd totally want one like that. our dog right now is a golden retreiver named Elvis –whos isn't really our dog, but belongs to the family up the road. But he LOVES us and hangs out here. BUT he does not come in my house. No sirrree. I'd like a big dog –in the dog house.we'll get our own someday, just haven't decided what kind


  10. I'm not a dog person but after what's happened up here recently in the news. I wonder if I shouldn't. Dogs have this way of communicating with kids that other humans can't even grasp. I don't say “no” but I dont' say yes yet either. They poo!


  11. I don't know anything about this incident either. We don't have dogs though. I love dogs, but after growing up with them and being stuck with cleaning up after them, no thanks. Plus, when we grew up we had a big yard to let them run around in. Now I'd have to take it for walks. My neighbours have a dog. The boys can take it for a walk anytime they like.


  12. We have a pug and although he is a little high maintenance at times I couldn't imagine not having him around. He does shed and it drives me a little crazy but loves to be around us and loves to cuddle! Ella loves him and is more aware of him now more than ever and he loves her too. I think its great for the both of them!


  13. My best and favorite dog was my Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier – not too small and not too big…he was a 45 lb lap-dog-wannabe. Awesome with kids, and I think they're good for people with allergies because they don't shed. Sure, their hair will keep growing until you shave them or have them groomed, so if you let it get too long, they look like sheep dogs. But I loved not having the constant battle of dog hair like we currently do with our shedding shelties. πŸ™‚


  14. Oh, I like Viszla's, they're adorable. We have two dogs, a hound mix (close to a Foxhound) and a Lab/Shepherd. The hound is neurotic and crazy and the mutt is fat and lazy. My SIL has a black Schnauzer since her kids are allergic to fur. He looks like a Scotty.


  15. I am definitely a dog person! I'm not even a people person! I hate the smell, the mess, the chewing, the being tied down, the having to worry about pet care when you go out of town. It's almost like having another child.I like pictures of dogs or stuffed dogs though.


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