What did you do Tuesday Night?

This new blogger post editor thingy is really great.  Let’s hope it stays that way.  Don’t know what I mean? In your dashboard click the Settings tab, then Basic.  Scroll down to Global Settings and Select Post Editor.  Click Updated editor!  They finally included a strikethrough button for dumb challenged people like me!  Yea!

Have you entered my Dork Diaries giveaway?  There’s still time!  Giveaway ends Friday night.

9 thoughts on “What did you do Tuesday Night?

  1. I love Charlie Brown Christmas. Made sure we DVR'd it. We haven't had a chance to watch it yet so we'll watch it tonight. Remember when mom always use to pick out Charlie brown trees?


  2. Honestly? I'm sticking with the old editor. I've gotten to know all its quirks and tricks as far as raw HTML and I'm not about to lose a night experimenting to figure out when it breaks lines, when it doesn't, etc.


  3. I am so not in the xmas spirit yet. I have lights on my house. But a tree? Presents? A shopping list? Hahahahaha. Not yet. Maybe I should have watch Charlie Brown last night – I'd be motivated!


  4. I love Charlie Brown Christmas – we DVR'd it, so Princess Nagger has watched it 3 times since Tuesday… ;)I love the new editor, too – especially the strikethrough so I don't have to mess it up doing it in the HTML mode. 😉


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