Final Day! Dork Diaries Giveaway!

Goody. The forecast for the day:

Feels Like 
Updated: Dec 11 09:45 a.m. ET 
UV Index: 1 Low 
Wind: From WSW at 14 mph 
gusting to 27 mph 

After an infinitely scary morning, in which my blackberry Would. Not. Turn. On. and I nearly froze to death buying groceries, let me just say TGIF.  Today is the last day for the Dork Diaries Giveaway.  I’ll announce the winner on Monday.

Since my bb  seems to be having all sorts of issues, the other day it froze in the middle of typing an email and I couldn’t even turn it off, bb is on my brain.  Someone once commented to me that it was strange that I always answered comments on my phone.  I thought that comment was strange.

I’m not sitting in front of my computer (at least on the internet) all day long.  Bb is easier for me to dash off a reply to something since it is by my side pretty much all day.  It’s THE phone in my house.  Not one of, but the only one.  I tend to always know where it is and that’s why this mornings ‘episode’ sent shivers down my spine.

But is it me that’s the abnormal one?  How do you reply to blog comments?  Do you use your phone/handheld device or do you reply through your computer?

Have a great weekend and if you could send Non-Freeze My Butt Off thoughts my way that would be awesome.

16 thoughts on “Final Day! Dork Diaries Giveaway!

  1. Sorry about the weather. We are having one of those cold spells as well. And sorry about the phone. Hope it gets it's act together soon! Since I dont' have one of those nifty gadgets my commenting is done by computer.


  2. I do both. I have my computer on all day, so as I am passing by I might check stuff out. And I always have my Blackberry with me, as it is my only phone. Love getting emails, etc on it. And I LOVE not having a home phone.


  3. I'm online all day for work so that's the easiest way for me to deal with everything.But I need a good email/internet device. Which blackberry do you have and do you recommend it? I've been holding off on getting an iphone because I'm afraid i don't need all the bells and whistles. (Or do I????)


  4. We are pretty chilly too. For Atlanta anyway. Wasn't it this cold in Germany??As for the phone…we don't have a data plan. And we just got texting on our phones over the summer. We tend to be a day late and a dollar short on the gadget wave. So…I am in front of my computer all day…and respond to comments that way!


  5. computer. it's all sent to my email so I just reply to that. It was one of the things i was concerned about. I would try and reply to all my comments on the platform blogger has, but I didn't know if people actually got them.With Discus, I know they get a reply from me.


  6. This is why I want a BB – not the freezing mode, but the ability to dash off replies on a whim instead of having to be on my computer to do so. Which I'm way behind on. Because I haven't been on my computer much the past week. :)Did you ever figure out why your BB froze on you?There's hope on the horizon for the frigid temperatures – it should get to the upper 40's on Tuesday…maybe. 😉


  7. As of right now I do not carry an email-capable wireless device, so I reply on the computer.However, I am working on convincing my wife that I “need” something more when our contracts come up for renewal in Feb.


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