The Naked Truth: What I had to learn

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I thought it was time for another go at The Naked Truth.  Previous editions can be found here. Today’s truth is coming to an end on Tuesday.  As of 4:20 pm Dec. 15th, I will no longer be playing the role of Single Mom.  For the newbies, no I’m not getting married, I already am married.  My husband and I will just finally be living on the same continent again.

The past six months have taught me a lot about myself and my kids.  We are more resilient than I thought.  Way back in May, while we all still were living in Germany, Cycling Papa and I had to make a decision.  I could remain in Germany with the kids and wait until February when his contract officially ended and we could all move together.  Or I could take the kids and move to Philadelphia alone.

It wasn’t an easy decision as much as I was missing the one place that had been home for ten years.  For the good of my kids, both of whom need extra support, we decided to make the move early, get the kids in school and not move mid-year.  CP packed up and moved in with a work colleague.  And now he’s finally packing up and moving here.

It’s going to be an adjustment.  I have my routines, my way of doing things.  When he would visit once a month things shifted into a chaotic existence for a week and then once he was safely back at the airport we readjusted ourselves.  Things would slip back into our new normal.  Don’t misunderstand, I’m happy that my world is about to get a seismic shift.

The one thing I’ve learned most is that I can be a single mom.  If I had to do this, then I could.  Not that I ever want to.  It’s hard being the person who does everything.  From bills, to cooking, to cleaning, to full-time kid care; there aren’t any breaks for a single parent.  You are the Go To person 24/7.  And that is exhausting.

It is also rewarding.  I think I’ve grown closer to my kids (despite my less than stellar temper sometimes).  We know each other better and they see that I’m not just the discipline parent but I am also the fun parent.  I can take them out to eat by myself.  I can take them into the city on my own and we can all survive the experience. 

In the past six months we’ve seen dinosaurs, explored a ‘southern’ event, had many a movie night, attended a cranberry festival, gone to the shore and had a wonderful time.  We’ve also had tears, screaming, a few slammed doors, time-outs and plenty of back-talking.

I’m coming out the other side of all of it knowing that if I had to, I could handle being a single mom.  Who knows what the next six months will hold?  We may have to do this again if CP gets a job out of state, a distinct possibility at this point.  Whatever happens, I know that I will survive it and my kids will survive it and somehow it will all work out.

Kudos to any of you who take on the role of Single Parent.  I’ve been in your shoes, and I don’t know how you do it.

12 thoughts on “The Naked Truth: What I had to learn

  1. Wait, are you DONE done, or just done for the Christmas break? You mentioned that CP would remain overseas until February, but he's coming back early?Regardless, I think you've done a great job solo. I mean, the kids are alive, right?


  2. Way to go! It is nice to know that you could do it if you had to, isn't it?Good luck with the seismic shift – but at least it's more of a positive one with CP being home, especially this time of year! Bet the kids are excited! 🙂


  3. Like Sci Fi said, the kids are alive right? That's all that matters at the end of the day. lol You are strong and can get through anything. (especially with a little chocolate on the side.)


  4. You are strong! I think we are all stronger than we think. I know you learned a lot along the way and you are right, it will be another adjustment to back with the hubs. Congrats on surviving, but I think you did more than survive! Congrats on doing it well!


  5. So there was a little blessing in all of it then. You know you have the strength to do it. Fortunately you don't have to for much longer. They really do throw a wrench into our routines, but yes, we adjust.I have that book you were giving away sitting right here next to me to read. 🙂


  6. You never know how strong you are until you are faced with a problem. I never thought I could be a single mom, yet, here I am. I think I am a better single mom than if I were still in a bad relationship.Congrats on getting the family back together! The sesmic shift will be well worth it.


  7. I think the longest I've done the single parent thing is about a week and a half. It was rough going. I usually do it for 24 hour increments, every third day when my husband is on shift, so I have some familiarity. I know what it is to do outings and shopping with the four in tow. It really is nice to have support, even if it does turn the routine inside out. I will tell you though my husband's presence always throws me off on the days he's home, since I have to parcel out time for him as well. It's a good thing.


  8. Woo hoo to getting CP back home! I've only had to play single mom for a few weeks since having kids and it was tiring and hard, I don't know how you survived. Kudos! And yes, I'm kinda/sorta back around.


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