Who’s That? Why Snarky Kisses of Course: The Great Interview Experiment

Recently I had the pleasure of participating in Neil’s Great Interview Experiment over at Citizen Of The Month.  While my interviewer seems to have forgotten me, I found my interviewee to be pretty darn cool.  Little did I know when I signed up I would get to interview someone who could easily be my kindred spirit.  Krystle from Snarky Kisses (and I know, how in the world did I forget to ask her how she came up with Snarky Kisses!!) was a total sweetheart and not only answered my wacky questions but did so in an extremely timely fashion.  I was actually kind of stunned by her awesomeness!  Without delay her interview is below and many thanks to her for allowing me a look at her life.  Be sure to check out Snarky Kisses when you’re finished reading!


Why do you blog?
a. because it’s who I am
b. because other people make me
c. because I wanted to correct the erroneous image people had of me
d. why blog when you can twitter?
e. enter your own answer:

I needed a creative outlet, somewhere for me to go, to write whatever I wanted and not feel judged. I needed a place that I could go to for advice and to meet people, and low and behold here I am nearly 4 years later with more friends online that have helped me through so many situations, and I’ve met some incredible people that I will never ever forget. This place is my safe haven, my home away from home, my comfort place… especially if I’m having a bad day; there is nothing more soothing that putting on some music, in a quiet room, and just letting your fingers hit the keys. You are all incredible, and you ALL are the reason why I blog.

Twitter. Evil genius or Heavenly nightmare?
a. what’s twitter?
b. Evil genius because more than 140 characters gets boring
c. Heavenly nightmare. It’s destroying blogging as we know it.
d. seriously?
e. say what you will:

You know, I kind of have to pick two answers to this question as well… it’s a bit of both worlds, and I wish I knew exactly what to say. As you can see over at my blog, I have been MIA for a fair while and I can be 150% honest with you that I absolutely DESPISE that. As I said with the previous question, THIS is my outlet, this is the creative, self absorbing part of my life… this is where I go for comfort, where I make friends, and where I can truly be me. Some things are easier written than spoken and that’s what I like about blogging and having that opportunity. With that being said, Twitter has been an incredible thing in my life as well… I know it probably sounds crazy to those who don’t “get” the concept of Twitter and all it’s ooey-gooey goodness, but when and if they do ever figure it out, I know they’d love it. But explaining Twitter to someone who doesn’t use it or hasn’t thought about it before, is like telling an 8 month old to go drive a car… it just doesn’t work that way! I love Twitter, and all that it has given me and I have truly gotten to know some very best friends through the 1-2 years I’ve been on it. I can only tell you though that if you haven’t tried it already, to do it… it’s amazing in it’s own little way, and when I need to talk to someone at 3am, the first place I go to is Twitter… someone is always there for you, waiting to reply and to help you in any way they can. I promise. But I won’t disagree with you when you tell me it’s a sickness that you can’t ditch… because it is, that good.

Answering emails on your phone. Yea or nea? How do you feel about
people who yea?

Yea… yes, I am totally okay with people replying on their phone. I being a person who am always attached to my online life, I love having the option to check my emails when I’m out. I don’t always reply to them, it just depends where I’m at, when I’ll be home, if it’s a long reply and better to be typed on the actual computer or if I just have something quick. It makes me smile when I know that someone took the chance to reply back to me, even though they’re out enjoying their Sunday afternoon lunch; it just shows me that they truly care and want to get back to you in a timely fashion. Now, some people… some think it’s just stupid, and that’s what computers are for, and they can wait and… well, I don’t necessarily disagree with them, but really? Let’s get with the times… it’s all technology driven these days and if you don’t have a data plan with your data phone; you’re old school. (I am in no way making fun of others who do NOT have the data plan and I know not everyone can afford it… so please do not take it that way. I also understand that there is a time and place for everything, and in church or while walking through the check out line, etc… the replying and calling/talking on the phone can wait that extra time; I’m sure of it.)

You recently moved. I feel your pain. How was the experience? Good
or bad in 140 characters.

We are all moved & I’m nervous, anxious, scared, yet so very happy. I am thrilled beyond measure 2go thru this next journey. We are blessed.

When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging in late 2005, early 2006 when I was going through some hard times in my relationship. Which was then followed by a miscarriage, then depression/anxiety, then an engagement and job changes and moves and wedding planning and well, it just became part of my life and I’m so lucky to have found it.

What’s the best thing that has come from blogging? What have you
learned that has been the most valuable?

Throughout the past 4 years, It’s given me a chance to see how others live, what they believe in, and the way they do things. It’s been such a learning place, a place for help, for advice when needed (and when not needed) and if I ever stop blogging, I will take away the feeling of unconditional love that comes from online… when you find the right person. There are several trolls out there that are just waiting to take you down with them, but for every troll, you can imagine twice as many loving people that are here for you, anytime, anywhere and that is what will never be forgotten. Some of my best friendships are made online and for that I am forever grateful.

Favorite book or author and why.
a. what’s a book?
b. I have to choose just ONE?
c. the internet is far more interesting than reading books.
d. I plan to be buried with my collection of {Enter authors’ name}
complete works.
e. This is a far better answer to the question:

Aside from a few books, reading isn’t on my priority list of things to do. I do however love reading books by Cecilia Ahern (P.S. I love you), Nicholas Sparks (All books), and other documentary, biographies, etc. I like books that are a story, a heartfelt start to finish story. I love romance novels, the ones that make your tummy flutter and you feel like you’re playing a part in the story… l love the type of books that encourage and inspire you as you’re reading. I will say, there is not a whole lot more relaxing than sitting in a peaceful house, jammies on, and getting lost in a book for hours.

I recently asked the following question on my blog. What are your thoughts?
If you were worth a few million dollars, would you automatically leave
it to your kids or would you force them to make their own fortunes
alone and give it all to charity? (ala Warren Buffet)

This one is kind of a mix for me… I definitely would not give it ALL to my kids because I truly believe if you have everything handed to you, you learn nothing in life because you never have to go through the hard times to get you to the good times, and that alone gives a person knowledge that they never would have known had they been given everything. You learn a different type of respect for that new vehicle or new house when you get up every morning and go to work for it, and take pride in having new furniture and buying gifts for someone knowing your hard earned money is being used for something that is appreciated and respected. I would however give a big sum of money to a type of charity, but I don’t think it’s something that I could just send say, send one million to XYZ charity and that’s it… I’d like to say, okay, I’m going to send this amount to X and I want it to be used for Joe, Bob and Sue and little Jimmy for putting food on their table and new clothes for the next year, and this amount to Y to be used for all the foster children who don’t have a home and who don’t have the opportunity to enjoy the things some of us enjoy and take for granted and send this amount of money to Z to be used for all the families who have recently lost everything they have ever known, regardless of how it was lost… they still deserve to have something in life. And the other part of the money that I don’t give to charity, I would put into some sort of safe place (whether that’s in banks, under my bed, etc) and open up a few savings accounts for my children and grandchildren some day and give my kids a sum amount every year, as long as they are working for the majority of the things they have and show respect and a desire to want to BE and DO something in life, that’s all that matters… if they continue that, I will gladly share my funds with them to show them how proud I am of them and who and what they’ve become.

Who would you rather marry (cause it’s all about fantasy), Mickey
Mouse or Goofy?

I would have to say Mickey Mouse, he’s that loving caring, hugging little guy that is there for you and will do anything for you. He shows a sense of happiness and belief that many others don’t have or don’t share, and having that little spark in a relationship would be incredible.

Where would you like to be at in life at this time next year?

Realistically… I would love my husband to be back at his job (he was laid off in May 2009), me to have my salary bump at my job, us to be in a nice house whether it’s renting or buying, and enjoying our life with the three of us (me, husband and our dog)… and to push it a little further, I would absolutely love to know that we would at least be trying for our first child, or even pregnant…

Ideally… I’m not sure my husband will be back at his job… but hopefully he will be at one that is comparable… I will have my salary bump and we will be moved into somewhere, however where, I don’t know. We will still have the three of us (me, husband and our dog) and we may or may not be at the point to start trying for a baby. That is up in the air, I wanted one YESTERDAY, and well, it’s a subject that is getting talked about a little more around here now days; and I will say that I know it’s not that far off the horizon.

Do you live for music? If so, what kind do you like? Favorite artist/group?

Music to me is kind of like sugar to cookies… you have to have it, or it just isn’t the same. I can’t imagine my life without music; there are times when I just need to decompress and I can turn on my favorite music or artist and get lost in it. I enjoy many different types of music; the music I listen to mainly depends on my mood that day. If I’m having a hard day or rough time with something, I turn on my Pandora station or Grooveshark and listen to Josh Groban, Jim Brickman, Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion, Hayley Westenra, etc… when I am excited for something, anxious, I like to listen to the top Hip Hop/Pop hits, you know, like now the top pop hits are Lady Gaga, Owl City, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, etc… and I find myself listening to alot of country music as well; nothing old, it’s the new stuff from Lady Antebellum, Sugarland, Josh Turner, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Kenny Chesney, etc. Music makes me feel at peace, regardless of the situation and I can’t go without it.

Best movie ever made?

This is a hard one for me, I’m not a very big movie junkie… but I do have to say hmm, probably… oh I don’t know. I’d be lying if I picked one right now because I truly don’t know what the best movie is or what I’d choose. Now, if you asked my husband, he’d probably tell you something like The Jerk or something ridiculously stupid and funny all at the same time. He’s one of those that can recite lines from movings that he seen 5 years ago, just as though he heard it yesterday.

You’re having a dinner party, what three people (dead or alive) would
you want to invite most?*

This is another hard one for me, I don’t think about this stuff too much… so because of that, I’ll aim towards the type of people I’d like to have a dinner party with. These are in no particular order… I’ll keep it short and sweet. I love listening to grandpa’s or those who have been in the military or traveled around the world, I enjoy listening to their stories, their fears and triumphs, the amazing things they did back in the day, and realizing just how technology stuck up our entire society is. Now we can’t even write letters via mail without getting criticized. Listening to their stories from the past make me want to escape back into that time frame (minus the obvious things like war), like the end of WWII and the photo taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt: V-J Day. Seeing pictures about stuff like that makes my heart flutter, and I truly would love to just sit down with anyone from those eras and talk with them.

You’ve admitted to being an office supply junkie. You are my hero.
What’s your favorite pen? Do you like all things Sticky Notes? If I
gave you a $1,000 and unlimited time at the office supply store of
your choice, where would you go and what would you buy? (You know
that’s hypothetical right?)

Hahaha, I LOVE this question. Seriously, you hit the nail on the freakin’ head! So! Okay… favorite pen at the moment is probably my Sharpie Pens; I’m kind of a nerd with those, they’re smooth and neat and don’t bleed! As a true real pen though, I just ran out of ink on my favorite one *BOO!* but I HAVE to have medium point or ball point, and when I buy my pens, I test them out right away after I open them. Each and every pen, even though I won’t use them all at the same time… it’s a fetish, I have to see which one writes the best. I’ve been loving the Paper Mate Profile clicky pens, they’re just cheap and regular but they write SO NICE. I need some more though; every time I walk through Walgreens or any store like Target, etc, I absolutely have to walk through the pen isle, it’s a sickness, I swear. As for sticky notes, yes, yes I love sticky notes, I’ve got quite a few along with this daisy pop up dispenser – and they’re all colorful, lime green, pink, yellow, orange, dark green, flowers, etc… none of this blah yellow business here. We like color! If I had $1,000 and unlimited time at the office supply store… which OMG, I seriously… it gives me palpitations thinking about it. I get the giddy stomach feeling when I’m at a regular store looking for new little gadgets and pens, but an office supply store like Office Max? OMG. OH EM GEE, you have no idea. You know, kind of like this or this… ha, only kidding – kind of..uh..not really. Okay really though, I’d buy things like …I have butterflies just searching online, for realsies… in all fairness, I love these, the good old fashioned Big Round Stic Grip Ballpoint but at work, I don’t know why, but I have to have a rubber band at the end of the pen, on the cap, and I like to have a blue gripy thingy over the regular grippy thingy that actually comes on the pen… see? I love me some Sharpie Pens…love the purple 🙂 and oh, when I’m writing notes at work, I have to do it on legal pad with LINES, I NEEEEEED lines. I love all things organization… pen holders, file trays, file drawers, envelope/file holder, and paper clips – the big ones that are smooth, not the riveted kind that are rough, GAH! I love to have all of my papers/charts that I use at work to be in page protectors, the Avery ones that are matte, NOT glassy – those show a glare! Three ring binders, colorful… with page protectors for the pages inside…I love me a good planner, like the ones from Carolina Pad or Hot Chocolate and I’ve got a few things that match this set at work…and I love the rubbermaid wire mesh office organizer collection too. I’d also LOVE me the new HP Printer, ugh! LOVE! I used it at BlogHer last year in the HP lab and oh em gee, ah-mazing. I could go on and on with other supplies and stuff, buuuuut I love too much!

So as you can see, especially with that last question, KINDRED SPIRIT.  Excuse me while I go blow my monthly food budget at Carolina Pad…

Do you want to sign up for the Great Interview Experiment?  Just visit this link at Citizen of the Month.

*Thanks to JA for asking me that question at his dinner party.  This is an fantastic ice breaker!

14 thoughts on “Who’s That? Why Snarky Kisses of Course: The Great Interview Experiment

    • Hey now! Haha!! Let’s be real though – as I was reading this 7 years later, I cringed when I read that I liked listening to Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, etc… yikes!!! I just happened to google Snarky Kisses to see what was out there about me, and came across this. Fun to read it 7 years later! My how things have changed!!


  1. Great interview! But I have to disagree on Twitter – it's a total time waster. It's bad for you in that it takes you out of the present moment. http://dadshouseblog.com/2009/01/15/twitter-is-bad-for-you/And yes, I “get” it. I worked in Silicon Valley two decades, and understand how and why it works. But how many people sit staring at tweet decks all day? If they do, what on earth could they possible have to say?Twitter's one redeeming quality is giving celebs their own micro-press-release news outlet.


  2. Andrea – how fun! I googled Snarky Kisses this morning, as I was just curious what ever happened to the domain since I don’t own it anymore. I have other accounts out there with that name though, and I was happy to see your link pop up in google. I honest to God, don’t recall writing this all out for you! Goes to show how fast time flies… 7 years… in a blink of an eye… feels like it should be yesterday, sometimes! Thanks for having this out here still; it made me smile!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hilarious! So happy you still exist! I feel like every blogger I used to ‘know’ has gone silent. I went silent myself. I found my old domain – including my content 😡 – had been taken even though I’d removed my posts from the web. Once it’s out there I guess it’s out there! I uploaded what I had (which a few years are missing here, and all the pictures which I’ll probably never get around to fixing!) trying to find people again. I think blogging as a journal has become a thing of the past.

      But I like the past, so here I am!


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