That’s a Wrap

Did everyone survive the holidays?  Did you get all the things you wanted?  Who played with the toys more, you or your kids?

I’d answer all of those but hey I’M ON VACATION!  CP and I are ditching the kids with his mom and sister for a night and heading on down to Annapolis.  Our first time ever leaving BOTH of the kids overnight.  I plan to pretty much do nothing for the 22 hours we’ll be gone.

Yep, nothing. No blogs.  No web surfing.  Yes, I’ll be emailing (I’m not a saint.)  I do plan to bring my laptop and get a good amount of writing done while CP does this work stuff Monday morning.  Other than that I’m drinking latte’s and relaxing.

But look for a great Monday’s Muse and coming Tuesday my review of the rechargable wine opener from CSN.  And yep, I’m giving one away too so be sure to stop back.

Enjoy your Sunday.

11 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap

  1. The holidays have put me off the bloggy radar too. That and a stomach flu running it's course through my three year old. Hope your holiday was grand and your vacation as well. Going somewhere without kids?! Please tell me what it's like, I can't remember…


  2. Woah, your first night away!!!! I hope you're enjoying it and don't spend the entire time talking or worrying about the kids….We barely survived Xmas. The kids were horrible the entire day, screaming and fighting over the new toys. I'm supposed to say how great the day was but I can't lie..


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