Happy RTT. I think my house just blew over

It’s Tuesday and I’m double posting.  If you arrived here for some free stuff, come back tomorrow.  I’m not giving it away today (just keeping you on your toes.)  If you don’t know what Random Tuesday Thoughts are then you must live under a rock and there’s not much I can do for you but say GO HERE.

So like I said, I think my house is going to blow down.  It’s a bit like the three little pigs and the big bad wolf is outside huffing and puffing.  I am SO excited that I HAVE to go to the post today.  Really excited.

Traffic through Baltimore sucks.  I mean really sucks.  I wasn’t even driving and I was screaming in terror.  Oh wait, that was the nightmarish line at the Starbucks inside the Rest Stop.  It was so bad they had one person taking orders in the line before you even got up to the front to pay.  Then the swarm of buzzards coffee drinkers were standing around the ‘bar’ waiting for their drink/name to be called.  Theresa your tall soy latte is still waiting for.  Please pick it up so for the love of Pete, they can stop yelling your name.

After dinner on Sunday (you know the one in which CP and I went on an overnight date) we went to the bar at the hotel for a drink.  Sounds all classy right?  Uhh, not when you are one of three people there and the other two are employees who want to talk your ear off.  Really if I wanted to listen to inane chatter, I would have brought my kids.

It’s the end of the year.

Just thought you should know.

CP and I started playing Hide the Stormtrooper.  Now before you go and think that has a bad conotation (What with my MIL buys you underwear from last week’s RTT), it doesn’t. Santa gave me a Stormtrooper figure guy and now each night we hide it in plain sight somewhere in our bedroom.  That is weird isn’t it?  Never mind.

Do you ever mix up simple words?  Like site and sight?  Or have trouble remembering how to spell Why?  The whole idea of spell and grammer checking in Word sounds great but I think it’s just made me exceptionally lazy.

I’m still waiting on that spell checker in the new editor.  My spelling isn’t getting any grander people.

Well I should really go and do something considered constructive.  I mean I’m no Keely, so my house is never going to be all Real Simple like her’s, but we should all aspire to something right? 

Go forth.  Be Random.

17 thoughts on “Happy RTT. I think my house just blew over

  1. I got hooked to Mocha just a few weeks ago. But I go thru the McDonalds line. It's not bad, but I'm sure no barista would ever serve the stuff.Less hassle with the waiting for name to be called.


  2. Hide the Stormtrooper sounds like fun, although quite possibly a euphemism for something adult…The Starbucks stands at the rest stops here are usually pretty packed, the last one I stopped at, during a field trip to Universal Studios, had a winding line that ran parallel to the one for the ladies' restroom. Must have been at least 40 people long and I had to stand in both, prioritizing which was more important coffee or a pee break…


  3. Your hide the storm trouper reminds me of our Easter tradition where we hide jelly beans in plain sight. My step son decided to tape a white one to the ceiling. We still have the 3M sticky stuck on the ceiling to this day.Thanks for your randomness,


  4. Hide the Stormtrooper..that's what she said.I don't drink coffee so I don't have to stand in that Starbucks line. At least your date night ended up as blog material…that's not that good is it?Happy New Year!


  5. My house is never going to be all Real Simple, either. My personal spelling mistake pet peeve is “bearly”. THERE IS NO REASON THAT SHOULD GET PAST THE SPELL CHECKER, PEOPLE.


  6. Yes, I almost misspelled site/sight in a comment earlier today but I caught it in time. That's the worst when you're away from your kids and people want to fricking talk to you. They don't get it. Or complain about their lives. Grrr.Yeah, hide the Storm Trooper. Say what you want but you and I both know what that means. You go girl.


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