The Items of Old

This year for Christmas Santa brought me some of favorite treats from my childhood, Red Hots and Lemonheads.  I used to eat these things by the gallon.  I started thinking back to the dark ages when I was young and all the things I used to like.

Does anyone remember Cinnamon Gummy Bears?  Do they even make those anymore?

May 1987

If my sister and I escaped the homestead and were allowed to wander, we usually ended up at the Little Store (as we called it) near home buying up Sixlets and Necco Wafers and Whatchamacallit’s.  I know they still make Necco Wafers but I have no idea about the others.

April 1990

I don’t only miss candy creations, but a lot of other things as well.  I miss the days when the most exciting form of entertainment was making ‘houses’ out of leaves in the fall.  We would each make our line of leaves marking off our little rooms dividing the bedroom from the living room.  Back in the old days we went snow skiing in the winter and spent lazy days on the lake in the summer; water skiing, tubing, swimming.

August 1995

It seemed so much simpler.  There were no cell phones, the music player of choice was a walkman and I’m actually not even sure if the internet existed.  Today my kids know all about Blackberry and computers and Wii.  If they need information for school they look it up.  Not in an encyclopedia the way I did at their age, they just jump on the internet and it’s at their fingertips in seconds.

Does anyone remember the card catalog?  The one you had to actually be tested on in school before you were allowed to check out a library book?

Maybe it was my post on the E-Reader this week that has made me all nostalgic, I don’t know.  I’m even nostalgic for 90’s music these days like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Counting Crows.  Maybe it’s just that in this particular time of life, the hustle and bustle of picking up a household again and moving, I’m wishing for a slower pace to life and something to look back on.

valley forge 003
January 2010

Are you ever nostalgic for certain things from childhood?  What do you miss the most?

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16 thoughts on “The Items of Old

  1. I loved the little store! I remember getting fruit pies and 3 Musketeers. I soo don't remember building rooms out of leaves though. Weirdo! 😉


  2. Ya know Sis, your lucky my comments were all screwed up and I forgot to turn back on comment notification. I could have posted a picture of you. Dad gave me a bunch. Don't think I won't do it.


  3. i kind of miss the old card catalog. it forced me to remember the dewey decimal system. so now, whenever i walk into the library, i wander around lost for five minutes before i break down and ask a cranky librarian to help! we had sixlets at halloween. and pop rocks!


  4. Red hots rock! And I still eat Necco wafers. I've even driven by the Necco candy factory, many times. (New England Confectioners Company, or something like that)What I miss most from childhood – LPs. I loved the artwork on big album covers. Maybe that's why I still buy CDs, while my kids just download stuff onto their ipods. I'm old school. Nostalgic!


  5. Andrea – I love your post! The pics are great! Necco wafers and Whatchamacallits rock! They still make em and they still make cinnamon bears too!Trammell (the one in Cambodia) LOVES Lemonheads.Ahhh…the good ole days!


  6. I miss the days of being excited about getting older. (I'm having a big birthday in a few months and I am psyching myself up about taking it in stride.) When you invited all the kids from your class to your birthday party at the roller skating rink and your biggest worry was which best friend got to sit next to you for pizza, cake and present opening…Sigh.


  7. What I miss most from childhood – LPs. I loved the artwork on big album coversI loved those. Album covers were awesome and so much fun. If you'll forgive me one of my favorite posts was about awful album covers.And now I am trying to figure out, where the generation lines are drawn. I graduated high school in '87 and have found more and more differences lately with people who got out a short time later.


  8. Look at that long, beautimus hair! We graduated in the same year.Now I really want some cinnamon gummy bears. Like really bad. Thanks.I miss sleep, I didn't appreciate it back then.


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