Dear So and So, Letters from the Great Mind

It’s time for Dear So and So with Kat over at 3 Bedroom Bungalow.  These letters let us say what we really mean without getting arrested.  Want to join in?  Go see Kat and link up.

Dear So and So...


Dear Santa,

I know this may be a little early but if I could make a request?  I love, love, love the glitter nail polish you gave me.  Oddly it matched my Christmas outfit since I wore a pink sweater.  I felt all glam and everything.  One tiny note though?  I’ve tried taking it off.  Three times with polish remover, soap and the scrub brush from the kitchen sink.

My fingers are still sparkly.  Somehow when I meet with Thor’s teacher next week, Sparkly doesn’t exactly project the image I was going for.  So next year, no sparkles k?

Sparklin’ For Life


Dear People Who Employ CP,

Thank you for giving CP such a kick ass job.  It’s about time dontcha think?  I mean, he’s pretty much done everything you’ve asked and moved us all over the damn place.  So thank you for finally giving him the recognition he deserved.

For a moment there we were floating awfully close to that unemployment line.  Don’t ever jerk him around like that again, okay?  Cause that pisses me off.  I then I in turn make his life hell  get really freaked out.

Thanks from the fam!
Happy to Move to the Southern Jungle


Dear State of Kentucky DMV,

Maybe this should be addressed to the courthouse?  Because I heard that’s where I go if I want a license.  I also heard rumors that I need to recite the alphabet backwards and go through the alphabet naming NASCAR drivers. 

Is that really true?

Many thanks and kind regards,
Not Married to My First Cousin and I Promise To Install That Gunrack


Dear Chick,

valley forge 008

I love you like it’s going out of style little one.  But if you don’t start doing your ‘business’ on the potty I’m going to lose my mind.  I may also have words with your teacher at school.  Getting Potty Training Awareness pamphlets every week where they insist I treat you like a dog isn’t really helpful.

It brings out choice words daddy says I’m not allowed to use.

Love you little Nutter Butter!


Do you want to see more Dear So and So?  Then go see Kat and read up.

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24 thoughts on “Dear So and So, Letters from the Great Mind

  1. I don't know, I kind of like sparkly. You'll probably have to polish it off with a Dremel if you have one. Yay for the new job, it's about time! Keep moving further south and we can be neighbors.Gah. Potty training, sucks here too.


  2. potty training is the bane of my existence. not really, but I'm hatin' it right now. I am one sticker chart away from a mental breakdown.p.s. one cutie patootie kiddo ya got there!


  3. I find that kerosene and a blowtorch are the only effective way to get the sparkles off.Definitely have a word with the teachers at school. If the schools don't want to deal with kids being kids, then they should stop pushing for them to go to school so early. Makes my blood boil.


  4. Those were very funny letters. I loved the one about the driver license and installing the gun rack. Oh boy. Glad hubby's job is going well also.My DIL does glitter toes and I have heard they “don't come off” easily. But I want some.


  5. Hi just wanted to meet some of the Philly bloggers since I don;t know anybody very out of the loop following your blog now I really like it and looking forward to reading more… Your letters are very funny


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