Random Tuesday Thoughts: Turns out I’m not Dye(ing)

It’s Tuesday.  Random Tuesday. If you like Random, then you’ll like Keely, so go over to The UnMom and check it out.

Well, last weeks thrilling tale of a rash has come to a conclusion.  No it’s not gone by any means and it still itches like I want to tear my skin off.  But I did see my doctor and she’s come up with a possible diagnosis. Are you ready?
Scarlet Fever
I didn’t know anyone other than kids could get that.  Awesome.  She asked if I had a sore throat (no more than usual after spending a weekend breaking up fights) and if I was overly tired (no more than usual since Chick has returned to not sleep through the night).  Do I have a fever?  How would I know, the house is so dang cold I’m wearing a coat inside.  I can’t turn up the heat, not that it would make a difference (remember this is the house from hell), because our PECO bill (that would be heat/electric and whatnot) was $365 last month.  Are you freaking kidding me?
Sadly I am not.  I keep the house at a balmy 69 degrees, which means I was wearing two layers before we got the bill.  Now that I’m onto wearing my coat around the house since the thermostat went down to 68, I really can’t go any lower.  Even my kids are complaining it’s cold in here.  For the first minute or two the heat is on?  It blows out cold air.  Can I please tell you how happy I am that we are moving in March?
In my scarlet fever haze I deleted 5,146 emails from my inbox.  That’s just one of my email accounts and actually not the one that I use for this blog.  I had stuff in there from 3/08.  I know tomorrow or next week I’m going to need something I deleted.  Cause karma’s got my number.
Next week I’m hopping on a baby plane out to Kentucky (in my head when I type that I get all Southern) for three days of no-kids bliss to go look at houses with CP (who is pretty much already living there).  I am excited.  I love house shopping.  I’ve also had the recent experience of not having my kids overnight and let me just say, I loved it.  I love my kids, but I loved not having them for a night

Obviously I’m not doing a lot of blog surfing with the whole scarlet fever thing preferring to lie around and whine but if you’re looking for more Random go and see Keely at The UnMom.

28 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Turns out I’m not Dye(ing)

  1. OK, so PECO (do idea what that is) was almost $400, and that just covers electricity and heating (natural gas? oil?) And you maintain the house at 69F?Are those numbers typical for your area? Are you sure your meters only cover your dwelling? Those seem insane, unless you're running a grow op or something.(For reference, our utilities come split. Our electric/water is around $125/month, and covers everything except the heat and hot water. Our natural gas is around $75/month and covers those two things. We maintain our house around 72F.)


  2. Scarlet Fever? That is not one I would have picked. I mean. If you gave us a list of possibilities. Multiple choice aliments. I wouldn't have picked that one. :-)So…how do they treat that?Have a glorious time on your kid free days…I hope you find a great house!


  3. LOL – I don't know why your random had me laughing so hard at 6:30 in the AM. Maybe because it was funny! And I was imagining you wandering around your house in your coat. My house is the SAME! I wear a cute outfit covered up by one of the boys' giant hoodies or fleece jackets.I hope you recover from your scarlet fever.Oh and have a fabulous time house hunting!


  4. I have a friend who had Scarlet Fever about 10 years ago. It amounts to a similar thing as Toxic Shock Syndrome and was brought on, for her, by tampon use. She tried to use tampons again and got sick a second time. Def. related in her case. Hope you feel better!


  5. Scarlet Fever?? That's insane. I feel you on the cold thing though. I'm trying to be more green- but since I parked the thermostat at 68 I'm wearing so many layers I've lost count.


  6. Holy Crap! I guess I was under the same impression about the likelihood of Scarlet Fever still being around. You sound pretty banged up at the moment. Hope you're feeling well enough to enjoy the mini-vacation in Kentucky. Beautiful country. Take care of yourself.


  7. Wow! I didn't know Scarlett Fever was still an issue either! Haven't heard of that ever except in movies and books. I'm so sorry you're not well. I hope you get well quickly!Happy RTT!


  8. Jumping on the scarlet fever shock bandwagon. (And I was so proud of my dye allergy diagnosis) How do you pick up something like that?Oooh… I hate being cold! Even bundling up doesn't help. Hope you stay warm. Hot cocoa helps! 🙂


  9. Never had it personally, but the kids did. People were always surprised it was still in circulation, sounds so serious and outdated. Scarlet fever, right up there with consumption. 68 is cold for inside the house, the lowest I've let it get is 70 during the day, at night I have to have it at least at 72.Kid free nights, sigh. Seems like a distant fantasy.


  10. scarlet fever?! i thought only children in 1880 got that? isn't that what the little boy in the Velveteen Rabbit got when they had to burn all of his toys? i really hope you get better soon – that sounds serious (in a 19th century sort of way)


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