DeLurking Day and an Intriguing Question

Thank you to SciFi Dad who alerted me to this great event called DeLurking Day.  This Cactus Guy might have started this (I have no idea) but it sounded like a pretty good idea to me.  I know my Club Member number (up there on the right) has quite a few lurkers.  So today is THE DAY to come out and say hello.

I’ve found good blogs (like SciFi’s) from reading comments at other sites.  You may leave a comment that’s interesting and that might lead to someone clicking over to your site.  This could be a good chance to increase your own readership lurkers!
Remember I’ve got Scarlet Fever so a whole lotta delurking would really cheer me up….scarlet fever can kill you know*

To keep it interesting I have a question that has been in the back of my mind for some time.  There’s a term from the urban dictionary (or whatever) that when I first saw it some time ago I, admittedly, did not know what it meant.  When I found out, I was actually pretty insulted by it.

M I L F  {If you’re like me and need to know, you can find it here Urban Dictionary}

Imagine the scene if you will.  You come home from work and are seated around the dinner table and little Johnny sets down his hotdog to tell you something interesting he heard on the playground.

You: Yes Johnny what is it?
Johnny: Fred said his dad said you were a MILF.  What’s a MILF mommy?

{Dad turns the color of a beet, mom faints at the table and little Susie starts singing MILF at the top of her lungs.}

What parent wouldn’t love to have that conversation?

I may be one of the few who finds this term not at all complimentary.  I could very well be the only person who would not want to be called a MILF. So I’m asking all of you who lurk and those who don’t lurk to see what you think. MILF – Offensive or Not? If you want to de-lurk under an assumed name to answer the question feel free, anonymous comments are allowed.

*okay so I’m not really dying, I just feel like I am.

25 thoughts on “DeLurking Day and an Intriguing Question

  1. MILF comes from the first American Pie movie so I kinda think it's funny in that context. The movie is a little dirty and I can see why somebody might find it offensive, but I thought it was funny.Definitely not appropriate for use around little ones though.


  2. I can see how it would be considered derogatory, but not offensive.Instead of MILF, what if they said “older woman I find sexually attractive”? Would that be more appropriate/acceptable? (I included the word “sexual” because the term isn't that you think a mom is pretty, it's more than that.)


  3. Wow…I love this delurking thing. Before I go off on MILF…let me say I hope you're feeling better!!!The first time I heard MILF was about 6 years ago. My beautiful stepdaughter brought her gorgeous football player boyfriend home from college. We all adored him and had a great weekend. The day we were leaving she and I took a walk and she said “You look great Suzanne. **** keeps saying he thinks you are a MILF.” I was like “Seriously, you're okay with a guy who says this about your stepmom???” Because I'm not!!! Turns out they broke up a few months later but I'm with you on this one.


  4. I hope you feel better soon! Yikes, scarlet fever! I think that's what the boy in the Velveteen Rabbit had…but I could be wrong!I'm offended by the term MILF, but I don't think I'll ever have to worry about being one! 🙂


  5. How the heck did you get Scarlet Fever?? oh well, fiddly dee, tomorrows another day (get the connection—-I am such a nerd) get better soon okas for MILF I heard that explained to me about 10 years ago. What the What –was my reply. People just use the “F” word way to freely these days. Hey, I am a woman, I'd liked to be considered “hot” even at my age. but not “f-able” in a deragatory sleezy termdoes that make any sense??


  6. Fred's dad shouldn't be referring to a mom as a MILF, at least not in front of Fred – even if she is a MILF! I think MILF is fine, like being called a hottie. But some things you don't say in front of younger kids.Happy delurking day


  7. I find the term merely stupid, and I can't really easily imagine a situation where someone would use it in the girl's presence. It will eventually die out of its own accord.On the other hand it is only a terminology. I think that while there is not a male gender direct equivalent, it doesn't stop women expressing similar sentiments, just couched in other terms. For example: “If I met George Clooney on the French Riviera, he might induce me to temporarily ignore my marital vows”I dare you to prove that it is expressing precisely the same sentiment.Semantics.Ask Wittgenstein.


  8. Hope you are recovering from Scarlet Fever AND being called a MILF ;)I think the term is inappropriate but not offensive. Usually, when used, it's used by a younger 17-25ish guy about his friend's mom or woman nearly old enough to be his mom. If I heard my kids say it, I would injure them….severely.Oh and my word verification is “mateds.” LOL


  9. I gotta say, I do find it rather offensive. Isn't there a classier way to say that a woman is attractive, like “wow, that woman is attractive”? Hot even works. It's just demeaning, I don't know, objectifying. Good luck with the delurking. And the scarlet fever. 😦


  10. If you break it down by the letters themselves, then yes its offensive. But the question is, does this kid really want to F the M. More than likely not. Just that she's good looking.But kids shouldn't be saying it though.Seriously if my kid said it. Drop kick.


  11. I don't think MILF is a term one should use in casual, public conversation. Because I can see how it could be offensive to some. But, I can think of several other words that would be a lot higher on my list of things I wouldn't want to be called.Hope you are feeling better soon!DGB: “GILF” LOL.


  12. I remember when MILF came out in American Pie. It, like the word 'cougar' seem to have become part of common dialogue. My Mom just found out what this was over the weekend. She didnt get a kick out of it either. LOL.


  13. Being in my late teens when American Pie came out I've grown up with the term from my teen years into motherhood. It never really bothered me and as derogatory as it is I'd probably take it as a compliment having always thought of it as a joke.


  14. Being in my late teens when American Pie came out I've grown up with the term from my teen years into motherhood. It never really bothered me and as derogatory as it is I'd probably take it as a compliment having always thought of it as a joke.


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