A Suburban Girls Southern Diary: Part Two – House Hunting

When I posted Part One of ASGSD, Gina at My Own Brand of Crazy suggested I do a whole House Hunters show just like on HGTV.  You have to know how much I heart House Hunters.  At night unless one of four shows is on, the tv is tuned to HGTV.

So Gina, today’s post is for you.

First let me introduce you to my Realtor God with a Blackberry.  His name is Mike.  He rocks.  When I say He Rocks, I really, really mean it.  You want to know anything about N Ky? He’s your man.  You want a handyman, a banker, an insurance agent, a school supervisor, a good place to eat, a good place to shop (hello! GAP Clearance warehouse – $.49 jeans!); you don’t even have to ask.  He tells you.  I think we easily put 300 miles on his car in the two days (and I mean from 9 am to 6 pm for two solid days) that we were with him.  He knows everyone (and I do mean everyone).  And everyone knows Mike.  If you ever find yourself moving outside Cincinnati let me know.  I’ll hook you up with My Mike.

One of the greatest things other than actually showing us houses was that he asked us questions.  Important, probing questions that helped identify what we actually wanted.  Even when we didn’t know what we wanted.  Oh yes, he’s just that good. 

Here are the top three houses we’ve identified as clear winners.  See if you can pick the one we made an offer on (and hopefully the one will be lugging all our crap stuff into.  I can’t wait to see a moving truck tackle the driveway.)


House Choice Number One. 4 bed, 3 bath home with open concept kitchen and family room and one room finished basement.  Sloping backyard (or as they call it, Kentucky Flat).  Three car tandem garage (CP’s most favorite part). Downsides: sloping yard isn’t really useable for the kids and price is high.  Good: One year old, beautifully painted and would need no work.


House Choice Number Two: 4 bed, 4 baths with formal living and dining rooms plus a seperate study.  Granite kitchen with gourmet island (my favorite part), 3 car turned garage (CP’s favorite part), huge family room and kitchen with a fully finished basement with media room built ins.  Downsides: It’s a lot of space, more than we need and there are two flag lots behind the house (meaning a driveway alongside this one with two houses built in back whose front yards would face the backyard) so privacy is very limited.  Resell (cause let’s be realistic) would be harder.  Good: Gourmet kitchen, very nicely decorated with designer paint and touches, beautiful neighborhood, largest house and lot we’ve seen.


House Choice Number Three: 4 bed, 3 bath on a cul-de-sac street in a new development. 3 years old with large open concept family room/kitchen across the rear of the house.  Good size bedrooms, large finished basement, open catwalk upstairs and wonderful master suite.  Fenced level yard backing to wooded space/field with a large patio.  Downsides: One house on the street is still under construction so there will be noise and the road that runs near the back of the street will be widening to three lanes in the next two years.  Good: Very open floorplan with lots of space and light, great kitchen with upgraded stainless steel appliances, nice dark hardwood floor and very nice level yard.  Curb appeal a bonus.

Can you guess which house we picked?  Vote in the comments. I’ll tell you tomorrow what we picked.

The one thing I can say about Kentucky as a negative (as witnessed while waiting for my delayed flight back home to Philly) is the attitude of some people about East Coasters.  I was listening to the gate attendant talking with two people (who were from Philly) discussing the “terribly rude people” in that “dirty city”.  I wanted to jump up from the floor and set them straight in a very friendly, un-rude way.  I didn’t but it did make me wonder what perception people will have of us when we move.  I didn’t see a lot ethnic groups represented (though Toyota has a large facility in the area so some Japanese business men and women have a presence).  That will be a bit of a challange to find Chinese New Year celebrations for Chick’s heritage.

Do you live in a culturally diverse area?  Have you moved to a new place and found your welcome wagon a little less than welcoming?  How did you deal with it?

20 thoughts on “A Suburban Girls Southern Diary: Part Two – House Hunting

  1. House Choice Number Three. The other two have long-term/permanent problems (sloping yard, hard resell, etc) but #3 has some construction noise for a bit. As for cultural diversity, I grew up in a very diverse neighbourhood/school, but now live in a more homogeneous location (where I am the majority) and I wish we lived in a more diverse place.


  2. I am thinking house 1 or 3. Leaning towards three-Almost my entire family is from where you are moving to-My mom is one of 11 (!) so mike could possiby be a long lost relative-ya never know….As for cultural diversity-We moved to our neighborhood specifically for that reason-Japaneese, Chineese, Korean, Jewish, African-American, and Middle Eastern-I wanted my kids to know and be friends with many different cultures, and to not see color. If you see my kids-blond, blue eyes-and see them with their friends, we are not the majority. And I love it-they are color blind!


  3. I'd choose number 3 – like SciFi Dad pointed out, the other two have 'long term' issues, whereas noise from a house being built nearby won't last forever. Plus I like the idea of a “fenced level yard backing to wooded space/field with a large patio”. 🙂 Can't wait to see interior shots! (hint, hint!) 🙂


  4. I am leaning toward house #3 as well. Can't wait to see pics from inside!!I hgrew up in a housing area for Navy personnel and it was fairly diverse. Then I moved to an area where prejudice was fairly common and it was shocking.We don't live in a very diverse area now but we are close enough to a large city that we can find diversity pretty quickly.


  5. I am not sure. Sometimes it is the interiors that make all the difference 🙂 I can't wait to see what ya'll picked – has your offer been accepted?We live in a pretty diverse area which I really like. It makes the school international day a huge hit.


  6. House choice #3.I moved from Southern California (San Diego) to The South (Nashville) nearly 12 years ago. The first 2 years were ROUGH. Some of it has to do with parts of town. The side of Nashville we lived on at first was very “country”- not a lot of diversity- and a lot of people who'd never left town. I find that this breeds people who have a hard time imagining someone different than themselves. I know I've changed over the years, picking up pieces of this Southern culture along the way, but I find it so much easier now in the part of Nashville we live in…. plenty of transplants, cultures, and ethnicities all on our own block (and 3 other adoptive families!). I have a hard time interacting with people who have a narrow world view.


  7. I LOVE House Hunters! I can watch it over and over and over… and since it's not on TV rightthissecond, you have my complete attention!Well, I'd be screaming “#2! #2!” if it were my pick, but I think you seem to be leaning towards #3. I will say, we have a turned garage at our current home, and it's awesome. Such a “child friendly” driveway if a place where cars drive is ever friendly for kids!!~ElizabethConfessions From A Working Mom


  8. I think you picked #3. Love them all! As far as diversity – umm, I live in Southern California. Many times to much diversity. I really think its a shame when I drive in an american city and American business signs are all in Spanish, or Chinese characters. Hello, we are in America where we speak English please put English on our business signs. And if your the store owner please try and speak english to me.


  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you for indulging me! Did you know that I once moved 12 times in 12 years and purchased 7-8 houses in that time?So with that said- I really like the sound of #2! Love it.But you do have to think about resale. So, I am going with #3.Kudos to the awesome realtor!!!


  10. I love, love, love House Hunters. Since I am in an apt., and am dying to own a house but can't afford it in this area, it's a fun way to live vicariously. I am AMAZED what you can get for your money elsewhere around the country! I am guessing house #3.Congrats… what an exciting time!


  11. Three, and I'd be hard pressed to find a more culturally diverse place to live. 54% of the people in my city are immigrants. Probably half the kids in my youngest's preschool are mixed like him. Although I did move from a predominately East Indian neighbourhood to a white one, which was kinda weird.


  12. I'm voting for house #3.Just read all your comments. Seems like most folks picked house # 3 too. As for cultural diversity,you might find more adoptive families once you move. And you can always read the newspapers for cultural celebrations to attend.Sandy


  13. I'm going to go with house #2 because you want to see the moving truck tackle the driveway. That's the only house that didn't have the driveway facing the road in the pictures.I love house hunters too! can't wait to see what one you chose!


  14. Wow, those houses are all beautiful. I know the answer since I'm reading backwards but I would have taken either.I live in a melting pot of cultures. MOst people here are assholes so I'm kind of used to it.


  15. Wow, those houses are all beautiful. I know the answer since I'm reading backwards but I would have taken either.I live in a melting pot of cultures. MOst people here are assholes so I'm kind of used to it.


  16. Commenting before I read the answer: #3.Personally, I liked the look of #2 better but people looking into my backyard from their front doesn't do it for me.Do you expect to be there a long time?


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