Random Tuesday Thoughts: A Birthday and the Un-Ending Cold

Commentary after I set the kids dinner plates in front of them.

Thor: You make chicken nuggets a lot.
Me: Would you rather eat chicken?
Thor: NO!
Me: Then don’t complain.

Told him who’s boss didn’t I?

There’s only one way to survive Tuesdays and that’s by following the fugly purple button over to Keely’s place – The UnMom.  If you aren’t doing it, you’re likely dead.

Last week I didn’t put out the recycling or the trash because Monday was a holiday.  I figured the regular Tuesday pick-up would be Wednesday.  Guess which trucks still came on Tuesday and guess who’s bins are overflowing?

Five weeks, five itty bitty weeks and it’s so long PA and hello KY.  That is if everything goes to plan and nothing goes haywire and everyone simply does what they are supposed to do.  Really, what could possibly go wrong right?  Right.

Chick has a great cold.  I mean like the type where she sneezes and you scream and run for the tissues kind of cold.  Since she tends to wake herself all night long normally and I really can’t in good health ignore her all night like I normally do, I put the old pack n play at the foot of my bed.  {She’s like the worldest smallest 3 1/2 year old.}  She still fit and we both got some sleep.

I love it when my MIL babysits.  I open the kids drawers when I get back and find all kinds of things they didn’t previously own.

Adult footie pajamas.  You know you want some.

It’s CP’s birthday today.  If I had enough candles I’d light his cake on fire for him.  Happy Birthday Dear.

 I’m bound to pay for mentioning that later but oh well.

Toyota Recall for Sticking Gas Pedal.  There’s currently no fix.  Guess who just bought a Camry??

I have a cold.  I’m not entirely sure if it’s a new one or just a continuation of the old one I had.  Really, how do you tell the difference when the little buggers are just waiting in the wings to jump out and yell SURPRISE!!  Either way I’d like to Just Take Two of something and move on already.

You are all super smart.  We did pick house number three.  Negotiations were short and they even threw in the front loading washer and dryer I was eyeing up in their laundry room.  Sweet!  I’ll post interior pictures at some point as requested.  It’s purrty though.  The funniest thing I saw (and forgot to take a picture of) was the ‘{my town name} Y’All’ sign painted on the watertower of my new town.  Ya gotta love the South!

Bob Evans Knife and Fork Bob-B-Q Pulled Pork Sandwich on Mashed Potatoes.  Mmmmmm  hmmmmm!  Nothing says love like that sandwich.

And nothing says love like Random Tuesdays.  So spread the joy people and be Random.  Visit Keely for all the Random that Tuesdays can handle.

25 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts: A Birthday and the Un-Ending Cold

  1. If not for my clear, logical (and RIGHT) deductive explanation in the first comment yesterday, I doubt as many people would have guessed #3.Are you going to giggle every time you put “KY” on your return mailing stuff? I know I would.


  2. I had the same thought about our garbage last week. Fortunately, hubby knew enough to put the garbage out anyway, or we'd be in the same position you are! I can't believe you have to go through the whole moving process once again! Wow! At least you're moving to a relatively warm state!


  3. I'm just a tad bit jealous that you're leaving PA before me. But I'll get over it. Especially when it's time for me to beat feet. ;)Heh, loved the convo between you and Thor – sounds familiar in our house. ;)Hope yours and Chick's colds are better soon! Good luck with all the packing! 🙂


  4. My husband was asking me about the trash pick-up because of the holiday last week. As if I'm the keeper of the trash pick-up holiday schedule. I told him to go to their website. So we did put out trash out. Usually we're the people who don't get the trash schedule right.House #3 is beautiful! Good luck with your move! Hope you feel two feel better!


  5. It's not going to make you feel any better, but WonderWife™ has been sick for a month. I realize now that this was a mean thing to say and meant it more as a “grass is always greener” type of thing than a vision of your future.You know what? I'm just gonna quietly step out of the room and leave you to your random thoughts.


  6. 5 weeks and you move —it WILL go fast. (that may give me enough time to find a little “canada” gift I have been meaning to send you, groan, I am soooooo slow) I'll mail it to your NEW addressHouse #3 —wow, awesome, gorgeous.My house is the size of your garage.Bet you can't wait to get in and decorate.and I LOVE my front end washer and dryer –navy blue.hope you all get over your colds


  7. House number three is gorgeous. It would've been my guess.Also, I would be all over footy pajamas…and pulled pork. Mmmm.From experience, I've learned to always take the trash to the curb just in case. We've been caught with overflowing bins and it sucks.


  8. Ack, I hope you guys are feeling better by the time I'm reading this! You guys are world travelers, I still can't believe you're moving again when you just got back to the US. Fun adventures, I tell you.


  9. Ack, I hope you guys are feeling better by the time I'm reading this! You guys are world travelers, I still can't believe you're moving again when you just got back to the US. Fun adventures, I tell you.


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