The Wish Stealers: Book Review and Giveaway

Today I’m doing a review of the young adult book Wish Stealers by Tracy Trivas which is published by Aladdin.  I decided since this book was geared towards 8-12 year olds, that Thor and I would read it together.  Our decision on the book was unanimous: we really, really liked it.

The story begins with Griffin Penshine, a rather sweet girl who believes in making wishes.  She wishes for all sorts of things to come true like for her mom to have a baby girl and for her new school to smell like chocolate chip cookies.  But one day in an dusty shop an old woman gives her a mysterious gift of eleven pennies.  What Griffin comes to realize is that each penny she now owns was once a wish that was stolen. 

The only way to undo the stolen wishes is to try to return the wishes to someone else.  Until Griffin can return the pennies all her own wishes become the opposite of what she wished for.  Griffin must figure how to return the stolen wishes in order to make her own wishes come true.  But can she make it happen before it’s too late?

This story is full of creative fun and imagination.  The idea that throwing a penny into a fountain to make a wish come true is easy for children to relate to.  Griffin’s own wishes seem to pale in comparision when she comes face to face with the enormity of what not returning the stolen wishes could mean for her own family.  Her character is believable and genuine as she deals with the idea that she must undo wrongs done in the past.  She learns a lot about what really matters to her, family and friends and what really doesn’t, being popular and selfish. 

Another detail that made this book so believable was that it features an actual charity aimed at collecting pennies.  Pennies for the Planet is a charity that collects pennies to save conservation lands.  In the book Wish Stealers Griffin teams up with her science partner Garrett to create a fundraiser for Pennies for the Planet.  You can join in by clicking the link to learn more about starting a fundraiser in your area to collect pennies to help save the planet. Everyone has some spare change and even a little bit can make a big difference!

Thor and I really enjoyed the book.  As he says “It was really, really good.”  The book is available for sale now at retailers.  As an extra bonus I’m going to give away five copies and all you have to do is tell me that you’d like to win one in the comments.  The giveaway will end Tuesday at 11:59 pm eastern time.  Good luck!

Have you ever thrown a  penny in a fountain and made a wish?  Did your wish come true?

23 thoughts on “The Wish Stealers: Book Review and Giveaway

  1. Oh, I would love to win this book. I have an avid reader granddaughter who would really get into this story. And wouldn't that make me a rock star grandma? 🙂


  2. I'd love to win one. I just love young adult literature…and I have two girls I could pass it on to when I am finished :-)I have given tons of pennies for fountains. Everytime we were out when the girls were little, we invariably ran across an opportunity to make a wish!


  3. I'd love to read this, it sounds so good. I'm glad Thor enjoyed it as well! I recall making wishes on things like birthday candles and fountains, but I dont remember if they came true or not 😀


  4. I would love to read this book! Hope i win! *crosses fingues*i threw a penny into a fountain and wished for world peace. STILLLLLLLLLLLL waiting for the to come true!


  5. I'd love a copy of this book! It sounds really good! I have given Lily a lot of pennies to throw in fountains, but I'm not sure she understood that she was supposed to make a wish! When I was younger, I probably wished for a husband and kids…looking back, was that really a good idea? 😉 j/k!


  6. I would love to win a copy! But I'm also interested in why you thought this was shelved as a YA book, but is really geared toward MG? My blog Ink Spells is all about finding those elusive good books for MG that might have higher reading levels.


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