Random Tuesday Thoughts: 2004 Pieces

It’s Random Tuesday time!  Yea!  Link up and read up over with Keely at The UnMom.

Thor took his bday money this weekend and went to tru and because he was in the birthday club he got royal treatment. He got a coupon in the mail. He got a crown and a balloon at the store and they announced his bday over the loudspeakers as we shopped. Next thing he’s going to be handing out autographs.

From 9-12 is not as much time as you think. Throw in a shower, breakfast, a few errands and there’s barely enough time left to read blogs. I have got to find the all day preschool option next time.

Our current house sits in shadow most of the day. So ours is the only driveway still with snow on it. Its like taking my life in my own hands every morning walking chick to her bus. I would much rather not have to make my morning footwear my mosy important daily decision.

I want to go on a cruise. This time last year we were about to do this.
 That sounds nice about now.

Some people labor under the impression that Kentucky is warmer than here. Well its not alright? I thought so too but no, its not.

Itunes and Starbucks have had some decent freebie music of late, which has been nice. Sometimes the best thing about my week is getting a free song.

Thor is eight. And suddenly has a teenagers chip on his shoulder. Can we back up to Sunday night and be seven again please?

At tru he bought some Kinexs (sp?) With his birthday money. It literally took CP and Thor 8 hours to put it together. Its 2004 pieces. Really.

I recently read Henry’s List of Wrongs by John Scott Shepherd.  Good book.  Interesting premise.  You should check it out.

I’ve written this entire post while waiting for Thor to get his skinny butt downstairs to finish his homework before school.  Seeing as we have to leave in 7 minutes, I think he’ll be staying in for recess to do his work today.

I’m walking for Autism Speaks again this year.  May 22 in Cincinnati.  Anyone who wants to sponser can click my button in the sidebar.  If you’re in the area maybe you want to join in?  Drop me an email if you do.  It’s a great time and a great cause.  This year I’m walking for Thor.

Did you leave a comment on Friday?  And I didn’t respond?  Well…I did.  At least I thought I did.  I’m still working out the kinks of this new comment system but somewhere out in no-comment reply blogerspace are a bunch of messages I wrote.  I’m sure someone is laughing. 

Have anything Random you want to get off your chest?  Then see Keely and let it all go.  That girls much more than Random.  She’s Super Random.

8 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts: 2004 Pieces

  1. Grasshopper has discovered the infinite joys of being SULLEN. And rolling his eyes.It's tons of fun. I cannot wait for there to be a 1 in front of his age so that the attitude makes a little more sense!


  2. I was on a cruise last december, so i feel your pain! NO- NO- Elijah will be 8 next year. I refuse to believe they get teenagish already! HELP!!! Good luck toyou!


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