Inside a Snow Globe

Oh drifting wonder of snow
gently you fall
and fly and flutter
against the panes of glass.

The wind comes in
and blows you hither and to
but you fall in grace
undisturbed by the push
of natures making.

As I sit and watch
protected from the storm
clutched in my hand
is warmth and comfort
outside is cold and beauty.

Snow you fall in grace
and blanket the ground
I wonder if I stood
outside in your breeze
would your beauty still astound me?

Poem and picture by Blogging Mama

12 thoughts on “Inside a Snow Globe

  1. Poem and picture by YOU. I love the poem. And certainly a snow globe type of photo. Wouldn't that be cool if we could step inside a snow globe!!Hey, you changed up your comment box again as a couple of posts ago I tried to send a comment and was having NO success in them going through. It kept giving me errors, so I am glad to see this “simpler” form back —-for me.


  2. Yeah … so I'm going through my reader full 0 blogs, and I see a bunch of piccies of snow and ice n stuff. I have but one question for the northern hemisphere, 'has anyone seen the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”? Really that's what everything is looking like. namaste!


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