And there’s more of this coming Monday

Can you tell how excited I am about the snow?  I mean really, I love the Narnia movie and all but I’d really like Aslan to show up and melt the Ice Queen now.  The latest and greatest pictures from Old Man Winter (who’s coming again they say on Monday.)


Find the car


The trees are kinda pretty though


Prior to the afternoon storm

I feel pretty thankful though.  I finally figured out what $200 a month in HOA fees gets you.  People who shovel your driveway in a blizzard.

Yeah, that part rocks.

12 thoughts on “And there’s more of this coming Monday

  1. Oh my gosh! Ican't even imagine dealing with that much snow! I am so over winter and I just have to deal with wet and cold weather. Sending warm, snow melting thoughts your way. 😉


  2. My plow guy hit our driveway twice yesterday and just left this morning…and it's STILL snowing.Thank God he's a friend of mine or it'd cost me a fortune!If Aslan shows up there, could you send him our way as well?:-)


  3. I just posted about this subject too.. I am moping around complaining about the snow and the cold… and we have NOTHING compared to you. I am in protest mode.. not shovelling sh..whoops I mean snow today.


  4. Do you want to know our forcast for this weekend is mid 70's. Up to 78 on Monday. Incase you don't want to hear such things, just disregard. ;o) The snow is up the mountain an hour away… where my son is right now and will be all weekend. I will be down the mountain in the warmth of the sun.


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