Dear So and So, So glad you’re not dead

It’s Friday!  Wahoo!  I can’t even remember what day it is this week but my little reader friend said it’s Friday.  So that means it’s Dear So and So time with the lovely Kat at 3 Bedroom Bungalow

Dear So and So...

Dear Mother Nature,

44.2 inches of snow in one week.  Knock it the heck off!  This is a blog, not the weather channel.

Much love,
Snow Bound

Dear School Board,

Okay, I was cool with no school Wednesday and I can even see yesterday (umm, sorta) but no school again today?  That will make 6 days in a row with my kids because Monday is a holiday.  Have some mercy please!

Kindest regards,
Mom on the Edge

Dear Maintence Crew at WW,

Thank you, thank you, you rock.  You shoveled my driveway over the past few days so I didn’t have to.  I think I’m secretly in love.


Dear Self,

You have 12 days to get crap done around the house before the movers arrive.  You really should get started and stop pretending you have other more important things to do.

Move it!

Dear Girl Scout,

I bought three boxes of cookies from you.  You want to know WHY?  Cause you stepped directly in front of my car as I put it in gear and almost let my foot off the brake.  So I nearly creamed you.  Dead Girl Scout = bad for my rep.  If you want to live, please look before you step off the curb alright?

Many thanks,
Mom who nearly killed you and still bought your damn cookies

Do you have something to say?  Then be sure to write your own Dear So and So letters and stop over to Kat’s and say hello.

7 thoughts on “Dear So and So, So glad you’re not dead

  1. Those were funny. Snowbound can be fun —and then again NOT so fun.I promise, once you get moved and get me you new address I WILL SEND YOU YOUR GIFT I have been trying to buy. I know what I want to send you, just haven't found it yet. CAUSE, I never get to a freaking mall.hang in there——go eat a girl scout cookie.


  2. Why aren't any girl scouts jumping in front of my car? Dammit. Seriously though, I haven't seen ONE EFFING GS in my area and my usual salesgirl aged out of the system. Grr. Get packing.


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