Moving is exhausting

Chick finally passed out day two hour nine. I'm hoping her nap now means she still sleeps on the drive, which is yet to come.

The run down this far (cause there's always drama when this family moves).

1. The moving van couldn't get into the development with our previous snows (5034 inches). It also snowed four inches overnight. The movers had to go rent a small U-Haul truck and load it, then shuttle it to the actual moving truck. The actual truck also got stuck trying to remove itself from not being able to make the turn. A wrecker and the WW Township police were involved. Good times. The huge moving truck is parked over at the WalMart. I told Thor we were just moving the stuff to wally world and having a tag sale. (I think he actually believed me for a bit there.)

2. Crazy landlady is a place I'm just not going to go right now (my blood pressure will thank me for holding my tongue.)

3. We (okay 'they') should be done by 8 or so. That means we will reach Pittsburg (the halfway point) about 1-2 in the morning – provided the roads are good. Lot's of coffee is in the forecast.

Here's hoping the drive is less eventful than the actual moving of boxes.

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13 thoughts on “Moving is exhausting

  1. Moving is truly one of the WORST THINGS EVER.It takes alot of patience and deep breathing exercises.soon it will be over—try not to kill anyone in the meantime. (tee,hee)


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