I’m not dead, just living in an alternate reality

As some of you might have thought (and asked) NO, I’m not dead.  (But thank you for the lovely flowers!)  I’m just shall we say, B U S Y.  We officially moved into the house Wednesday.  It’s so nice to be a homeowner again.  What I don’t like is the state the house was left in when the previous owners moved out.  The state of the wood floor in the kitchen?

Totally gag worthy (I’m going to wash it AGAIN today to try to get the crap off.)

The fridge?

Don’t even get me started on the jelly in the side, the hair in the produce drawer, or any of the other unmentionable stuff.

The movers must have thought I was Insane watching me take anti-bacterial wipes to all the doornobs.  No, I’m not that insnae, I just don’t want to die from whatever germs the previous owners left us.  It seemed to me that as soon as they got the contract they stopped cleaning.  Like literally never lifted a cleaning implement again?  The permanently imprinted popcorn in the basement carpet was a nice touch. 

Hey, at least the toilets were clean though.  I’ll give them credit for that.

So other than cleaning like a whirling dervish just to be able to live, I’m dealing with a preschooler who suddenly has picked this time to toilet train herself.  She’s doing really well but living in a hotel/moving into a house was not exactly the moment I would have choosen to accomplish this particular goal.

I also have this unholy mess of unpacked boxes.  My words were this after the movers left for good.  “Holy Mother of Satan!  This is gonna take weeks to sort out!”  The evidence (so you know I’m not making this up):

You don’t even want to see the two car garage FULL of boxes.  It’ll be August by the time we get even one car in there.  Sigh.  I’ll be here, buried, under boxes.  I had to mark all 522 feeds as read cause lets face, I’m not blogging anytime soon nor reading anytime soon.  If you had a baby, got a new job or something equally great – Congrats!  If something bad happened, my sympathies. 

I’ll hear about it…eventually.

17 thoughts on “I’m not dead, just living in an alternate reality

  1. lol Glad you made it to your new house. Gross that the last owners wouldn't want to present their house sparlking clean. At least remove the hair. Way to go on the toilet training Chick! Keep up the good work. 🙂


  2. I'm glad you aren't just sitting around!Congrats on arriving safe and sound and getting all the boxes off the truck.The only thing worse than a dirty house is someone else's dirt in your house. Ewwww.Good luck!


  3. Good luck, happy to know you're not deceased. Sorry I didn't send flowers though. Hmmm … where does one sleep when electronics have taken over one's bed? That's kind of like Cylons ya know … they just take over!


  4. hang in there —I understand. MOVING is one of the hardest things ever. I would be embarassed to leave a house “messy and icky” for someone else to move into.That is just sick and wrong.


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