Book Review and Giveaway: Canterwood Crest

Last month I was given another great book from Simon & Schuster to review.  I told the rep I would have to wait because we were in the middle of moving and I didn’t think I would have time until mid March.  Then I picked up the book.  And I couldn’t put it down!

Take the Reins is the first book in the Canterwood Crest series by Jessica Burkhart.  The book starts as Sasha Silver and her horse Charm start classes at the elite boarding school Caterwood Crest Academy.  Sasha is finding it difficult to fit in with the other girls at school and especially with her riding rival Heather Fox.  The two don’t agree on anything from horses, to clothes to boys. 

As the semester progresses Sasha is determined to prove that she can fit in at Canterwood and make the advanced riding team.  But the strain of schoolwork and riding have her wondering if making the move to Canterwood was such a good idea.

I was initially drawn to this book because of my love of horses.  After I read the entire book I really took Sasha’s story to heart.  As the new girl in a very competitive school, the pressure to prove herself is one that many teens will identify with.  Everyone wants to fit in somewhere and sometimes finding that spot takes determination and hard work.

Normally I only give away copies of the book I review but this time in addition to giving away 5 copies of the first book, one lucky winner will also get a copy of the second book in the series, Chasing Blue!  The second book is bound to be just a great as the first and I can’t wait to have a chance to sit down and read it.

The Canterwood Crest series is part of a new group of book from Simon & Schuster.  Aladdin Mix is a program that publishes clean, coming-of-age stories for tween girls who are too old for kid’s books, but not yet ready for edgy teen fiction.  From the Aladdin Mix website:

So, you’re too old for kids’ books, but your mom will freak out if you come home with anything scandalous! Turns out, Aladdin Mix is the perfect fit. From best friend drama to not-so-tiny first crushes to new school adjustments, the Aladdin MIX characters are up against the kind of life decisions any girl your age could find herself facing. Never lame or boring and perfect for today’s tween girl who refuses to leave the house without an iPod and cell phone, the Aladdin MIX books read like a friend telling you an amazing story!
I absolutely love the idea of being able to find books for those not quite ready to hit the older teen shelves.  You can find a great selection of books over at Aladdin Mix so I hope you will check it out.

On to the giveaway details!  Like always my contests are super easy to enter.  Simply leave a comment letting me know you want to win.  If your email is not linked to your account please leave your email with your comment to make it easier for me to find you. This contest will be open to US residents only and ends Monday March 15 at 11:59 pm Eastern.

Good luck!

Contest closed.  Congratulations to Stacy (the Random Cool Chick), Elle, Jpetroroy, Uprobablydontknowme, and BlueViolet!

8 thoughts on “Book Review and Giveaway: Canterwood Crest

  1. I'd love to win a copy of this book for my tween. Sounds like it's something she'd enjoy and I don't have to worry about the content. Count me in please!


  2. If only I had kids who read, I mean, were the appropriate ages for this series. I love that authors are finally recognize that just because kids can read at an adult level, doesn't mean they are ready for “adult” books.


  3. I am currently on the second book and I love it so far. I read the first book in one day and will probly finish this one either today or tomorow so on to the 3rd book lol. Anways i am 16 year old and i am always looking for horse stories to read. I have a feeling this is going to be a series i would be able to put down intil i have read them all


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