20 thoughts on “You wanted some pictures…

  1. Great photos. Your backyard is huge. Are you planning on getting some livestock?Also, one photo of your second floor makes it look like you have a bridge from one side of the house to other.


  2. ohhhhhhh ahhhhh what will you put on that shelf up there by the big window? I love it, really love it, I wish I had a house of that style but instead I've got a bungalow. A bunga bungalow… 😛 or As they say in New England, a Ranch. I'd love to have your dinningroom and kitchen. Where will you fit me though?


  3. I'm jealous, houses in FL are so tiny compared to there. I still love your red couch from the last house tour and I also love how open your kitchen is. YAY!


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