Spin Cycle: How does your blog breathe?

There’s a little something called Spin Cycle with Jen over at Sprite’s Keeper.  I’ve heard a lot about it and decided today is finally the day to play along.  If you don’t know what Spin Cycle is all about head over to Sprite’s Keeper for details.  The topic for today’s Cycle is something along the lines of How do you blog? (I take liberties with that because I don’t actually remember the full subject and I’m feeling too lazy to go over and copy and paste it.)  But here is my version of:

All the way back in 2005 we decided to move to Germany for CP’s job.  I thought it would be nice to journal our adventures for our family and friends and somehow I stumbled upon this new thing called a ‘blog’.  If it wasn’t new then I didn’t know that, it was new to me at any rate.  (*on a side note, this blog says it started in April 07, however there was a previous version called Blogging Mama Andrea in Bonn.  I’m super creative with titles.)  I gave everyone the link and proceed to spew forth lots of very boring, uncreative posts.  Eventually I happened upon a few expat blogs around Germany and began to slowly see what a blog was supposed to be about.

All I know about blogging I owe to these people:

Mausi (The Ultimate Canadian German Blogger) – Don’t even click the link unless you want to get fat from making all her recipes.
J (As in Germany Doesn’t Suck) – I found most of my very first blogs through his blogroll.  He takes amazing 6 week vacations to places like Thailand and Laos.  And then posts the pictures as torture.

I gradually started to get a feel for what I was doing and decided to move to my current address, Blogging Mama.  However my posts were still very boring and uncreative.  It really wasn’t until just over a year ago that I decided that what I was blogging about needed to have more heart or humor.  More something.  Once I started putting more thought and effort into blogging (and discovered some great memes) my readership started to go up and I started getting more comments.

Which of course is the point.  (Isn’t it??)

Now that we are living back in the US this blog is more about keeping a tab on whatever Spins into my mind.  While I do occasionally talk about my kids, they aren’t the focus of my blog.  I’m a mommy blogger but my blog is not neccesarily about me being a mommy.  I’m trying to convince myself and others that I’m much more than a mommy.  I’m a writer, a reader, a friend, a cook and all around super person.  (This is all about boosting our self-esteem, right?)

I usually read blogs in the morning while having coffee.  Writing my posts tends to depend on what I have to do during the day but generally I either write in the morning or at night.  Because I’ve become a blog junkie I do stop by my reader throughout the day.  Even though I don’t need anymore blogs to read, I’m always looking for a new voice to hear.  The connections I’ve made through blogging have been amazing.  There are so many wonderful, funny, enigmatic people out there.

I think that’s what keeps drawing me in.  For months I’ve thought about maybe cutting back or giving it up but then I read one more post or think of something I want to share and I come back.  I have cut back my posting somewhat and I am trying to only post when I truly have something to say.  But I love to read.  And it’s because I read a post elsewhere that I ventured over to Sprite’s Keeper and decided to see if I could make a decent entry into the Spin Cycle world.  I hope I accomplished that and that you gained some insight into me.

For more Spin Cycle posts go see Sprite’s Keeper.

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