Spin Cycle: It was so fun I just can’t help myself

Spin Cycle.  What a breath of fresh air.  I can see already I’ve got a habit in the making.  And this week the theme is ME.  Yep, ME.  If you don’t want to know about ME, then please skip onto something else.  Cause this week it’s all about ME.  Jen even said so:

Well, this Spin is to write about you. Write something about YOU. No one else. Just you. You can Spin that any way you want.

So let’s get Spinning….

Brought to you by Jen at Sprite’s Keeper.
and no I have no idea why I can’t make the image be the link even though I copied the code.  my computer just hates me

There are a lot of Mommy Bloggers out there.  There are a lot of Daddy Bloggers out there too.  The thing is, I don’t classify myself as a Mommy Blogger.  I am a mom and I do blog but I don’t often blog long stories about my kids.  This is my grown-up space, my entry into having an adult conversation (if you can call posting stuff on a blog and having people leave me ego boosting comments conversation, then yes, that is what we are having.) 

You know, writing about yourself really isn’t easy.  That could be a reason why I like to write fiction.  I mean not that this blog is fiction (usually) but what I consider my work is fiction.  Which is funny because the only pieces of my work that anyone has actually purchased have been non-fiction.  Well, if that doesn’t make me feel sorta like a failure.  There was that one time I thought I had it in the bag in the fiction world.  Remember how well that turned out??

I don’t know if this is supposed to be the point of the Spin this week.  Let me run up a few paragraphs and check…..oh, yep I can write about anything I want so long as it’s about ME.

So this is me:

Kind of boring I know. (And that’s the Let Me Glam Up and Take My Pic version of me.)  Like I said, writing about yourself is kind of hard.  There’s the boring, mundane stuff like I’m a wife and I have two kids.  I’ve lived in two countries and six states in my 32 years.  (That would be the United States and Germany; Washington, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and now Kentucky.

The hardest part of writing about myself is knowing what would be interesting for others to read.  With the success of a few other bloggers recently having memoir books published, I wondered if my life would be that interesting.  I was asked if I’d ever considered writing about living in another country and about having moved 9 times in 8 years.  It doesn’t seem all that interesting to me having lived it though.  Complicated – yes.  Adventurous – maybe.  Enough to write a book about – probably not.

I doubt you want to know that my favorite color is yellow, that I love Gerbera Daisies and Tulips, that if I wasn’t already married I would have to say yes to Mickey Mouse’s numerous marriage proposals, and that I need books like most people need oxygen.  Maybe I should simply list what I want to accomplish and that would give you some insight into the ME theme for this week.

There are several sides to ME and this blog.  Along the top you’ll notice the navi bar with links to other things.  The one that represents the other me, the obsessed-writer-ME, is the Literary Side.  This is where I write more serious or writing themed posts.  Albeit the posts come and go in streaks and I don’t promote the site.  It was created to be the site for professionals (that would be potential people who would want to publish my work) to see the non-random blog side of me.  As I’ve learned, publishers and agents want to people with strong followings.  So it’s linked here should I ever be brave enough (or maybe foolish enough??) to give this address to an agent.

Blogging Mama represents the true side of me.  The part that I am willing to share with (mostly) complete strangers.  You can peek through my archives.  I don’t do “Best Of” posts because I don’t neccessarily know what would be the best of what I’ve written.  I do Random really well, in case you hadn’t noticed from this post.  What I do know is that I like to blog, no, I love to blog.  Even when I’ve decided, many times, that I want to walk away because I find myself getting bogged down in reading blogs and trying to find a topic to write about.  I sometimes get overcome with trying to keep up with everything and often wonder if whatever I’m writing about is really all that interesting.

But then I get a comment, and then another.  And the relationship starts to build with the people who do read here.  I find myself seeking out their blogs, hoping to gain insight into their days or worlds.  Sometimes they are places I’m familiar with like the joys of potty training, or the struggle of writing.  Some of the most enjoyable things I read are about things I know little about.  I get to see another side of someone and peek into their life.  It’s fascinating and interesting and I meet people I would otherwise never get to meet. 

This summer the family and I will be packing up to drive to the Blogher Conference in New York city (9 hours of pure hell joy.)  CP and the kids are going to the Jersey shore and visiting family.  I’ll be hitting Blogher where maybe I’ll actually get to meet a few of the people that I so enjoy reading.  Will you be one of them?

For more eloquent (and likely on topic and not boring) posts, visit Jen at Sprite’s Keeper and the Spin Cycle.

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