Are you out of your mind? OR Random Tuesday Thoughts

It’s that time of the week again.  It always sneaks up on me but I hear there is a twenty-five step program for just $19.95 available for a limited time only!


Brought to you by the fearless UnMom Keely.

Chick’s new school sent home a field trip permission slip today, you know her first day.  Imagine my shock horror surprise when attached was also a waiver of damage injury responsibility from Jump Zone.  This is the venue several half-wit half-assed preschool teachers want to take a bunch of three and four year olds for a good time.  I don’t know about you but it doesn’t scream “good time” to me.

It sounds more like hell-o with a trampoline to me.  I just couldn’t sign off on this one.  Yes, I am that mom that has kids that will eventually hate her. Because I’m just not that cool.

Chick playing wii bowling.

There this awesome Flip-Flop Swap going on over at Mom is in the Fishbowl.  Summer’s coming.  Are YOU in?  Click to sign up.

This weekend we went to Newport on the Levee this great shopping/restaurant area on the river across from Cincinnati.  The weather was so nice I almost forgot where I was.

When we came home from errands this weekend we met some neighbors.  I know now who never to tell anything I wouldn’t want the world to know (that’s what I blog for), who is the PTA mom (aka the woman to avoid) and who walks over, hands you a beer and then sits next to you in your driveway (Yuengling no less from Pottstown, PA).  Yep, it’s good to be in the hood.

We did learn that not everyone is from here though.  We have families from Texas to Chicago on our street.  With 32 kids in between.

I think that’s all the Random I’ve got for now. See you next week. Same Time, Same Place. Visit Keely for more Random. Now.

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