Writer’s Workshop with Mama Kat

This is another weekly event I haven’t completed in awhile (due to total lack of inspiration).  But this weeks number one caught my eye.  If you want to join in you can go over to Mama Kat’s and see which topic inspires you.

Mama's Losin' It

1.  Sometimes the people who inspire me the most are people I talk to everyday.  The amazing thing is that the majority of them are people I’ve never even met.

2.  There are so many talented bloggers writers out there, I feel blessed just to be sharing the same internet.  A sampling of a few: Irish Gumbo, Clark Kent’s Lunchbox, Let’s Have a Cocktail.  Just to name a very few.  It’s because of writers like these that I keep writing.  Everyone has a story.

3.  Sometimes you can’t please everyone.  Sometimes what you write might not come across the way you intended.  You have to learn to roll with it and apologize when necessary.

4.  Thanks to Gina, I now know that any food that has the word ‘chocolate’ ‘donut’ ‘cookie’ or ‘cupcake’ in it’s name is perfectly acceptable for breakfast.  And I don’t have to be ashamed to share that.

5.  It has it’s ups and downs.  Sometimes from minute to minute.

6.  If it weren’t for blogging, I wouldn’t know about BlogHer.  If I didn’t know about BlogHer I wouldn’t be going.  If I weren’t going I wouldn’t have to ask the following:

Does anyone need a roommate for the conference?  I don’t snore, talk in my sleep or sleepwalk.  I’ll bring you chocolate and buy your drinks and at the end of the night I won’t even hit on you.  So who needs a roomie??  Email me.

7.  There are a wealth of other people that are having or have had the same experiences I have.  And without that knowledge sometimes I don’t know if I would have survived.

8.  I’ve also learned that my family is more important than blogging.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that.

9.  There’s no substitute for talking to a dozen people around the world in an hour and never having to either get out of my pj’s or put down my morning coffee.

10.  Ten is a long list.  I realize I made it mostly about the people here on the internet.  But if the internet didn’t have people, it wouldn’t exist now would it?

If you’d like to read more from the Writer’s Workshop visit Mama Kat.  You can also find more of my own Writer’s Wokshop posts by clicking the name link in the sidebar.

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