Flip Flop Swap with Mom is in the Fishbowl

I recently participated in the Flip Flop Swap over at Mom is in the Fishbowl.  She had this great idea to kick-start summer by having people sign up to send each other a new pair of flip flops.  Brilliant no?

I thought so.  My flip flop giver Plaidchaos could not have picked a better pair of flip flops if she had tried.

Honestly.  I almost bought the exact same pair about five times in the last two weeks.  No Joke.  Annikke certainly matched me to my dream partner because she sent me these beautiful flip flops:

Gorgeous yes.  (Picture from Target.com because I couldn’t get a decent picture to save my life.  Probably because I was so dang excited to wear them.  From Target’s Liberty of London line in case you want some too.)

Anyway, huge thanks to Annikke for organizing the swap.  Let’s make this an annual event!

My blog is currently inactive however I promised this and several other posts prior to my blog vacation.  You can read details here.

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