{Final} Answer – Hit publish before you change your mind

I thought about getting all dramatic.  But I don’t like drama.
I thought about just saying nothing.  But I like getting in the last word.
You might think it’s a late April Fool’s joke like over at DGB.  But it’s not.

So here’s where I tell you things I’ve said before.

Blogging has lost it’s fun factor.  I’m not enjoying it.  I’m not enjoying obsessing over whether someone comments on a post or not.  I’m pretty much tired of myself.  Getting worked up over it Is Not Worth It.

I’ve been mostly absent for the past week or two and you know what?  I’ve gotten so much done.  Things that actually mean a lot to me (well, okay not the cleaning and laundry part but you get what I mean).

I’ve started a whole other writing project.  One that keeps me up writing into the night and all day.  And I Love It.  I love It more than I love blogging.  I am happier doing It than I am blogging.  It had to come before this and I am okay with that.  In fact I’m already feeling so much lighter just having come to that conclusion in my mind.

Will I ever blog again?  I might.  Down the road and in the future.  (Small note, I have two upcoming posts because I made commitments to other people to do something here on my blog.)  I will probably post writing related things on The Literary Side from time to time.  I may or may not continue reading blogs.

The thing is, reading blogs sucks up all this time that I could spend dedicating to the projects I really love.  I enjoy reading and connecting with people and I do enjoy reading blogs.  But lately, it’s only an ever smaller handful that I’m reading.  I don’t like feeling bad because I feel bad for not visiting blogs.  I know if you visit me, in the blog etiquette world I’m supposed to visit you.  But sometimes I just don’t want to.  It’s not because you aren’t interesting, it’s simply that I don’t want to cram anything else into my day.

I want to sit down and write.  Write fiction.  Edit.  Sell a book or five.  I can’t do that if I let all my time be taken up with blogging.  I found out I can’t balance all of it.  And push came to shove…

and blogging lost.  I am happy with that.

*Along with this also comes the decision that going to BlogHer would be kind of dumb since I’m no longer going to blog.  I have a ticket and am happy to sell it for the price I paid, just as soon as I figure out how you go about selling a pre-purchased ticket to someone else.  Email me if you are interested in purchasing the ticket (2 day pass).  If no ones buys it, I guess I’m going to BlogHer without a blog (or incidentally a place to stay).  Yea.

Okay so no one wants the ticket which means I’m going.  Who wants to share a hotel so I don’t have to commute from Jersey everyday??

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