The sad state of American education

There are few things that make me want to rant like the state of what my son is learning at school.  Or rather what he is not learning.  We had a fantastic school in West Chester.  Despite my initial burp with the teacher, I was pleased with the education Thor was receiving.

When we moved to our new town we were told we were in the best school district in the area.  The Best.  So you can imagine my dismay when I found out Thor only has gym class every six days.  One physical fitness class every six school days.  And we wonder why the kids of the generation are fat?

Today, I questioned Thor if he ever has language arts homework (because all he ever brings home is spelling and math and those only once a week if that.)  He said they don’t have language arts at school.  He does know what LA is.  He used to have it in his old school(s).

What is wrong with the state of education when our kids don’t learn things like grammer?  Social studies?  Science?  Sara @ Domestically Challenged, a 4th grade teacher responded to my Tweet about this sad state by saying this:

@BlogMamaAndrea Reading and Math. Seriously. That is all we teach anymore, because that is all we are tested on.

Are you kidding me?  Next week Thor is having the state testing on…math…and…reading.  Fabulous!  I’m so happy my tax dollars pay for him to get such a well rounded education. 

This is the reason I adore private schools.  Can I afford private schools?  No.  I will be looking into homeschool (I’ve done it before) because this is ridiculous. There’s no way he’s getting the proper curriculum if no child receives language arts at 8 years old!

What happens in your school district?  What about your children’s curriculum?  Or is mine the only sucktastic one around?

*The state of American education has brought out of blog lockdown.

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