Reasons to go missing this week

I haven’t touched a computer since Monday (if I even did then I can’t remember).  My laptop hasn’t been turned all week either.  For all I know it may not turn on because it’s gone into shock.  But it’s been another week of weeks.  Let’s take stock random style:

I caved.  My kids got me this for mother’s day and I can’t seem to put it down.

Despite what I said back here, I really am okay with my reaching into the new book technology.  I will still love my paper books till the day I die though.

The Chick and CP also gave me this:

A Cold

Can’t thank them enough for that.  It’s kind of been hard to top last week’s week (field trip freak out, Invading Demon Ants and yes, getting rear-ended for the second time in two months).  But hey, I’m trying.

I also attended my first Writers/Critique group at the local library.  There is one 17 year old that really, really is going to make an agent happy when he finishes his book.  It’s such a shame I don’t write sci-fi cause I would have stole* his piece in a heartbeat.  It really was that good.  Some people though just don’t know how to applaud others for something good.  Critique constructively, yes.  Rip to shreds, no.  Even 50 year olds should know that by now.  Maybe Mr. 50’s just really sucked and he was insanely jealous of a kid.

It could happen.

I like the group, even though its a bit of an interesting mix of people.  In order to get critiqued you have to sign up and submit ten pages or about 20 minutes of reading.  And then read it to the group.  I was good until that Read it to the Group thing.  You can share anything, any genre, short story or long piece. My options of pieces to read start with a woman preparing to jump off the edge of a building, and an argument where language may be an issue (I can write it just don’t make me say it to people I don’t know).

Or I can read about a murder, a car chase and a woman with amnesia.

I think either way I go I really don’t want to have to read it.  Reading a piece for an audience who already owns your book is one thing.  Reading it to people, like Mr 50, is another.  Anyone want to volunteer to come and read it for me?

How was your week?  Are you planning to hide away from your family this weekend like me?

*Obviously I am SO kidding about stealing.  But this kid had talent in spades.

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