RTT: Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon

…doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of Random Tuesday Thoughts with Keely at The UnMom.  If you can name the movie my title is from, you are awesome.


I went out for bar-b-que with CP two weeks ago and now I can’t stop my stomach from growling everytime I drive by the place.  Why does Famous Dave’s have to be next to Target?  Why??

Yesterday I pacified myself with some Summer Sausage and sharp cheddar cheese.  It’s no awesome b-b-que sauce and shredded pork but…

Chick’s Ky preschool teacher is a dead ringer for her old WC preschool teacher.  They look so much alike it is Freaky.  I accidently call her Katie all the time.

I made dentist appointments for everyone for next week.  Not only does Chick have her four year old check-up (including a shot) on Tuesday she also gets to go to the dentist on the same day.  Am I a superstar mean mom or what?

I get to go to the dentist on my birthday.  Karma won that round I think.

I was driving around yesterday and I got lost in this huge housing development.  Every street is named after a racehorse.  It’s a nightmare trying to find your way out.  Do I turn down Seattle Slew or Count Fleet or Sir Barton to get to Frogtown Rd?  Umm..damned if I know.

It’s Chick’s birthday on Thursday  umm yep FRIDAY.  Since we started moving towards dye free foods for the kids I hunted down some Duncan Hines white cake mix.  (Thank you Casey for the dye free food tips.)  But do you think I can find a single frosting that doesn’t have dye in it (even the chocolate has dye!)?  Noooo.  I live in Betty Crocker land where everything is involved in some sort of dye conspiracy.

I’ve hit 55,960 words on my project I ditched blogging for, which is to say just over half way finished.  And I’ve just decided to completely change where the book takes place.  So I don’t, you know, misrepresent a place I’ve never been to?  I know that total makes sense to redo everything.  So what if I only have to revise 217 pages?  Pfft.  I might as well throw in some new characters and completely change the plot while I’m at it.  The genre changing how’s and why’s are over at The Literary Side.

I still have a review to write and I can’t for the life of me force myself to finish the book.  It’s got so much six year old sugary goodness all I want to do is eat gummy bears and chocolate while I’m reading it.  I wonder if the six to nine year old age group it’s aimed at will feel the same way…

A month ago I got caught by the local flag twirler/dance group from the high school to buy some pizzas. They haven’t shown up my my door with the pizza yet though.  I haven’t paid yet either so maybe that’s related.  If only they could show up on the one night I’m clawing my way through the freezer wondering if ice, key limes and cheese sticks can count as dinner.  Then, life would be good.

Last night I was reading about the whole Pampers scandal in the WSJ and they mentioned that P&G is headquartered in Cincy.  Then I remembered that one of the women I used to know four years ago when we lived in Germany (our kids were in the class at school) moved to this area because her dh worked for P&G and they were from here.  They were getting ready to leave Bonn as we arrived.  I found her email and sent her a note asking if they were still in the area.  Of course, not able to leave it at that, I searched the phone book and found someone of the same name 4 miles from us.  It would be a total freak-out if it turns out to be her.  I mean, what are the chances?*

Do you have a Random affliction?  Then go see Keely.  She’s waiting.

*This is the circular way my mind works.  If you think it’s confusing try living it.

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