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The picture has nothing to do with the post but details what Saturday afternoon after the Autism Speaks walk was like.  Only ONE of those pairs of shoes actually belong to my kids.  Thor had five friends over.  The noise level would have bust eardrums if they had been anywhere but the basement.

I’ve broken my blog break.  Though I intended for it to last quite possibly through the summer, it seems that isn’t a very good choice if I want to do certain things.  In the past I’ve written reviews for various books, mostly from the same publisher.  I recently signed up to use NetGalley to read upcoming releases and do reviews for other publishers as well.  The catch is the publisher has to approve you to read the galley first.

I was turned down on my first request. 

Ouch.  I actually had permission from the author herself to read it because I’d emailed her a courtesy review request.  But not wanting to humiliate myself after the fact, I did not send her a second email to let her know that the publisher told me no to reviewing it.  My copy I bought of her book arrived Friday and I’ve already finished it.  It’s going to take me a few days to get to a point where I am okay with the authors choices for the characters though.  I hate it when authors make the characters do things I wouldn’t have had them do.  Couldn’t she have at least checked with me first?  Geesh, what is she a bestselling author?

I applied for another galley and was approved without a problem (yea me) so soon you’ll be hearing my review of Deadline Man by Jon Talton which is out now.  Poisoned Pen Press apparently likes me.

The wonderful thing about using NetGalley is ‘supposedly’ I can have the galley delivered to my Kindle, that marvelous device of wonders.  I have yet to actually get that to work but it’s a great theory anyway.  For now I’m just reading it in PDF form on the computer (which sucks because pdf doesn’t remember where I left off so I have a sticky note with a running tally of the last page I read.  Kindle remembers that info for me.)

Getting back to the original point, it seems the blog needs to be a bit more active.  In order to keep my lovely, non-paying, yet rewarding reviewer job, I need to write here more often.  I’m lost for topics so I hope all of you can throw some out there.  What would you love to hear me wax on about at length?  Squirrels in the bird feeder?  Kentucky life?  The ways that planning a vacation sucks the fun out of life?  Would you liketo read more writing related stuff?  What do you do when your well of ideas runs dry?

Throw me some topics!  Please!

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