Book Review: Deadline Man by Jon Talton

Why does a prominent hedge fund king commit suicide by jumping off his office balcony? That’s what The Columnist wants to know. Especially since moments earlier the man was a reliable source and now he’s splayed on the sidewalk. The phrase ‘eleven/eleven’ and Olympic International seem to be at the middle of a growing web of mystery and murder. The implications might just reach beyond rainy Seattle and touch on national security. With his back up against a never ending deadline, The Columnist starts digging for the truth. It might get him killed in the end but he’s determined to get the story first.

In Deadline Man written by Jon Talton we meet the main character, only known as The Columnist, a hard boiled financial writer who has been in the business long enough to spot the sinking ship that his newspaper has become. While The Columnist’s personal morals, he often has three lovers at a time, leave a little to be desired, I immensely enjoyed the character. He is no nonsense and not afraid to find the story no matter what it might cost him personally.

The last third of the book packs plenty of action keeping the reader on edge, turning pages and wanting to know more. It felt almost like too much happened all at the same time though and I had a harder time connecting all the dots. Despite this minimal issue, the book has a very plausible story with a terrorist and black ops twist that will leave the reader wondering just how much could actually be true in today’s world. The book is woven with plenty of suspense and whodunit and kept me turning pages into the night. Talton places plenty of behind the scenes newspaper knowledge into the story giving the reader a look at the life of a reporter and the dying print industry itself.

Deadline Man is a wonderful first thriller for Jon Talton whose fast pace style and likeable but flawed characters keep the reader wondering what else is peeking around the corner.

Deadline Man is available online now at major retailers and through the publisher’s website, Poisoned Pen Press.

I was provided with an online galley of this book for free by the publisher at NetGalley in order to complete my review. All opinions are solely my own without regard to compensation.

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