It might be Thursday but I’d prefer it was Tuesday

If Tuesday could be Monday this week, then I can make Thursday Tuesday.  Got that?  This is a a random meandering post because I don’t feel like actually making a coherent post out of something right now.  You asked for more Kentucky life.  It’s noted and in the works (if only currently in my mind).

So Philadelphia Magazine came yesterday (I know I know, I no longer live there.)  The cover story is completely depressing: Best of the Shore 2010.  Salt water taffy.  Sandcastles.  The feel of gritty white sand in your toes (and other places).  The smell of salt and beach and sunscreen.  Take a big ole whiff of that.

Makes me want to weep.  You see, I’m a beach girl.  I love water.  I love lakes, and oceans, and rivers (well not the Ohio river down the road cause its so clean it’s brown.)  The point being, now that the kids are officially on summer vacation, I want to go to the beach.  We are going to the Jersey shore in August but that seems like such a long time away.

What do you love?  Is it the beach?  And do you call it the beach or the shore?

The kids are out of school so naturally day one of vacation it’s raining.  I was really hoping for decent weather so I could toss them outside.  I have a few books to read for reviews.  I realized yesterday (after making fun of Miss Hummer at Starbucks – if you’re following me on twitter you’ll get that) that it was my last ‘freedom’ day because from now on, wherever I go, the kids go.  No more taking the laptop to Starbucks for a few hours to work. Gah.  I’m going to miss that.


I actually spent the bucks to get a real bona-fide computer case this week from e-bags.  It’s going to be much nicer than shoving the laptop and notebooks into the diaper bag I was using.  Much classier too don’t you think?

The past weekend I discovered Blue Moon beer a Belgian wheat beer.  Good stuff.  But there’s one small catch to having one with dinner.  They give me wicked nightmares.  The first night I can’t remember what was trying to eat me but night two presented me with Chick being kidnapped at a department store and night three had me being caught and tortured by someone yanking off my fingers nails and punching me in the gut.
Sweet.  I love nightmares!

Now last night I didn’t have one and I slept like the proverbial baby.  This is really annoying because as beer goes I’m not a big drinker of the stuff because a lot of times I think it’s bitter.


The kids are watching Monsters Inc and the coffee’s ready so it’s time to get the day moving.  Are you feeling random today even though it’s Thursday?  When do your kids get out of school and does the thought terrify you like it does me?

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