Book review and giveaway: Candy Fairies by Helen Perelman

The Candy Fairies series by Helen Perelman is a delightful set of books for children ages 6-9.  In the first book Chocolate Dreams, Cocoa the Chocolate Fairy is looking after the special eggs for the parade.  Right before the parade the eggs disappear!  Can Cocoa and the other fairies work together to find the eggs in time?

In book two, Rainbow Swirl, the fairies, each with their own special talent, are competing at the Candy Fair.  The Candy Fair is a chance for each fairy to display a new candy of thier special creation.  Raina the Gummy Fairy thinks she’s come up with the most special treat of all.  How will Raina handle things when a terrible storm wipes out her dreams?

The books are full of whimsical illustrations perfect for the young children.  The descriptions of the fairies made it easy to picture Sugar Valley. The books are lighthearted and teach important lessons about working together and realizing everyone has a different talent.  I enjoyed the clear message that if you’re willing to reach for your dreams anything is possible.  

The series is perfect for summer reading.  One lucky reader will be able to win a copy of the first two books in the series.  Here’s how you can enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me you’d like to win!
  • Follow me on Twitter @BlogMamaAndrea.  Leave me your Twitter id with your comment!
  • Tweet about the contest.  Be sure to let me know when you do.
  • Follow my blog

Leave a comment for each item so I can be sure to give you the correct number of entries (four entries maximum).  The giveaway ends Thursday June 10th at 11:59 Eastern.  The giveaway is normally only open to the US (via the publisher) but since I’m mailing the books personally, I’m going to include Canada as well. 

Good luck!

I was provided with the first two books in exchange for my review.  My review is based on my honest opinion without regard to compensation.

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