Calling all opinions

We have a situation here at the BMA Casa that I need your opinion on.  On Sunday CP and I were invited by one of his corporate clients to be the guest at their suite for the Reds game.  Definitely not a ‘bring your kids’ kind of event (and we only got two tickets besides).  This is a big deal, not just cause of the actual seats which will be pretty great, but because there will be a lot of other people to network with for CP.  I’ll just be the sidekick enjoying the game.  And enjoy I would.  If we could find a babysitter this side of the Ohio River.

Here’s what’s happened.  We found a sitter listed on our neighborhood’s HOA site.  She’s unfortunately going to be out of town this weekend but gave us the number of her friend who lives next door who babysits.  We made arrangements to meet this girl yesterday afternoon, between 3-5.  At 4:30 she texts CP to say she forgot and went out to eat with her family.  Okaaay…

Arrangements were then made for between 6:30-7 last night.  6:40, she’s still out with her family.  Would any other night be okay?

For me this is absolutely a case of don’t call me cause I’m not going to call you.  In babysitter speak, for me it’s a definite no.  If I were the sitter, I would have earned the “Sorry you can’t prove to be responsible enough to even meet me, I’m not going to trust you with my kids” badge. 

CP and I don’t agree on this.  He thinks we should have her come by tomorrow.  I say no.  So what would you do?  The whole thing is, if we say no, then I won’t be going on Sunday because it’s trusting this flakey teenager and going to the game, or staying home.  Give me your opinions please!  (And how the heck do YOU find a babysitter??)

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