Book Review: Dead Politician’s Society by Robin Spano

I wish I could say I enjoyed reading this book. But I simply can’t. By the seventh chapter of Dead Politician Society by Robin Spano (publish date will 9/1/10), the story had been told from six different character point of views. It is extremely dizzying trying to keep track of what’s happening in the book. Throughout the story we see these different points of view, chapter by chapter, through the eyes of each character. Normally one to possibly three points of view are normal in a novel. With six it just came out completely jumbled and I didn’t enjoy it. It was a challenge to finish reading the book.

The main point of the book is a secret Political Utopia society that starts killing politicians that they don’t agree with. In the book, the characters are all classmates in a politics class. One member, Clare, is an undercover cop charged with finding out who the murderer is. I found her character unbelievable. At 22, a rookie on the police department, she’s given the task of pretending to be a college student while solving the murder of prominent politicians? It lacked believability to me. A rookie would not be assigned an undercover assignment like this.

The book wanders off on political ideology and for me it went too far into detail losing my interest. I really struggled with finishing it. The killer is brought to justice in the end rather abruptly (and then it turns out he was simply covering for someone else and the real killer then confesses.) For me this book was told from too many views with too much political theorizing to be enjoyable.

An interesting, although unbelievable premise, for me this book would be a pass.

I get my books from NetGalley!  I was provided with the galley of the book in exchage for my review.  My opinion is made without regard to any compensation.

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